My experience on so far

- I used to be twitter addicted but now I am opening mastodon first
- moderators are really really helpful & committed to safe environment
- @Gargron has impressed us with swift addition to rules about casteism which is India’s Racism
- Dalits, Minorities & Women face such hateful replies on twitter but here it is truly a safe space
- nice to read so much good content without toxicity
- the small handle big handle thing is over

I absolutely love it 😍

@Deepsealioness Some instances of swift moderation were really awesome here. For me its most importantly the community bonding and the reason why so man people have left the birdsite filled with trolls and hateful content is amazing because many people have given up saying "social media is bad". The birdsite is badly designed to be a central entity. Here in Mastodon and all other fediverse projects, decentralisation could clearly be shown as a path for the future of social media.

@Deepsealioness @Gargron Glad you’re having a good experience so far. Any place has.. let us say challenged, to be nice.. people, however they don’t seem to get much traction here unlike other places

@Deepsealioness @Gargron Quick Q. I can only open this thing on my CHROME for now as a cursory search for an app gives hundreds of results. Which APP are you all using? Eager to say RIP to the birdie.

@Deepsealioness @ArchillesHeel @Gargron Tusky is quite nice. I know some others use other things on Android as well

@mewmew @blobcat @puniko Thoughts?

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