So UP police will file FIRs for tweets but won’t solve the case of one of their own cops lynched by a mob and killed on duty? What They are doing is curbing freedom of expression on an already super biased platform

I have a few questions..
why is that every autonomous institution has bent down in front of this Govt?
What might be the necessity for these institutions to fallout from their protocols and dance on Govt's tune?
Kya ek H rashtra ke liye ppl r ready to loose everything?
I am sure all majoritarians don't agree and go with BJP, but how come this party is getting momentum despite of all blunders that it has created since 2014?
Are we a united Nation with vast diversities even now?

So, now identity crisis has finally arrived legitimizing "We are what they want. We are what they so desperately need".
But I believe " The context of me is a very human thing" ardently appropriated for a political cause and for a lesser if not unworthy, the very thing worth fighting for.

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