Hello 👋🏼 am away since forever. There is plenty of stuff happening but wanted to wish you all a very happy new year

@Deepsealioness Aww thanks, we all miss you here I'm sure, I know I do. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

@freemo thank you, was busy in protests and stuff and still fighting against the state for friends

@Deepsealioness Best of luck. While I cant speak for what protests you are in or what side I support I very much appreciate and admire your willingness to fight for what you think is right. Thank you for making that effort for others.

@freemo we are fighting against a bill which duscrimates religious minorities , Muslims . Most of us are on streets and getting detained, arrested, getting cases filed

@Deepsealioness Based on that explanation it sounds like something I'd be happy to side with you on if i happened to be there. Thanks for fighting the good fight!

@Deepsealioness I wish a joyful and fantastic year ahead to you and to your family , didi.

@Deepsealioness Happy New Year Lioness!!! Love and power for the year ahead!!

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