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Pescatarian- one who doesn’t eat meat but will eat fish.

Pisstarian- bhakt who drinks Modi’s piss and doesn’t give shit about India’s constitution.

Cheat sheet is so clear from this graphic, for the ones who need everything as capsules ;)

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Modi Government cheats states of their due - my article here!

Even as the Union Government is plotting to deny states their legitimate share of tax revenue, available figures suggest the heist has been carried out without a squeak from the states

Sometimes it feels the streets speak to me, whispering in my ears, as I pass by the breeze lanes, not understanding a thing.

@Deepsealioness If at all it happens throughout India, The best way to deal with it is to boycott. Because even if 30% people just don't show any interest in NRC, then it will be done and dusted.
Also CAB is no relief to Hindus. They will get the Citizenship after assuming that they are "illegal" immigrants.


Once you stepped in I kindly asked you to leave the conversation alone. It was antagonistic and uncalled for. Please dont act like you were doing it for me. Deep also made it clear she did not welcome a conversation with you. You should have "been the bigger man" and stepped away, regardless of if your concerns were right or wrong.

One of our rules here at qoto is tolerance for other ideas with the criteria of respect for the individuals you speak with. While I understand why you might be bothered by her vieews that doesnt give you the right to instigate hostility. Looking at your initial responses it was ver accusatory rather than an attempt at a charitable discussion.


@shujaat_mirza what are you talking about? This is liberals way of retaining the UC hegemony by targeting the left. They don’t have any ideology or principle so they target left instead of right. Save my Toot, liberals will join the fascists first time they get threatened or affected


I stayed away for a day after yesterday’s bitterness and today I realise Comrade Nambiar is restricted from posting. He has been accused of casteism and nationalism both of which he is against. Can the admins looks into this @citrustwee

Casteism reported by Upper caste is a drama because they want to hold on to caste hegemony which is discriminatory and comrade is last person to support nationalism

This is the face of a victim of terrorism. A young girl with laughter on her lips and dreams in her heart. A girl who would prance around in her mother's dupatta and eat tikkis with her father.
She is dead. was responsible for the death.
@Deepsealioness - boost?

Genuine Question: Have the people of Pakistan ever put a terrorist in their Senate or National Assembly? @sanjayuvacha @Deepsealioness @AdvManoj @vidyut @vinod - I tag you because I hope you either have info at hand or can boost it to your followers - one of who may.

The home minister of India has announced NRC all over India. This is a plan to make people stateless if they don’t have proper documentation. Only people born between 1950- 1987 are safest as per NRC rules. The government can declare you stateless & put you in detention centers, chain you to the bed (has happened) if you don’t have documents despite never having stepped out of India. They are not just coming for Indian muslims, they are coming for all of us . I have documents but many don’t

Indian society (left & liberals)

Caste oppression 😡😡
Minority religions oppression 🤬🤬

Gender oppression- 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

@raining_night yes that’s me, mine is a public profile, anyone can go & access my tweets. I have also called out other forms of oppression, why does it hurt when I call out men in India? You men have created such an unsafe environment we are the worlds most dangerous country for women. Even war torn places come behind us . As a woman I have a right to speak about it. I have also made threads explaining Male privilege in bird app, why not share that too? Doesn’t suit your agenda or ego? @freemo

@raining_night @freemo @Deepsealioness

//Deepsealioness hates men. I wonder how the men in her family view her tweets against men(I'm talking about her old tweets on the birdsite)//

That is not done. We have more important things to do here on Mastodon. Don't say hurtful things, please. Don't turn this into birdsite.

Why did all the loser men come here? Honestly this is turning into same but app experience for me. NOBODY talks for me, I am pretty good at talking for myself. Talk about men wanting everything to be about themselves. Losers bring their sexism all the way from bird app because liberals are so chill about enabling famous sexist handles, after all bullying a woman is so cool, we have been brought up learning we are superior. F you

@raining_night dude get a life, you don’t talk FOR ME EVER. I honestly thought this site was free of trash like you but people like you are ensuring I spend less time here . Want attention? Beg from someone else. @freemo

Q: What do you call a Brahmin who supports Hindutva and votes BJP?

A: A Hindu Terrorist sympathiser.

Q: What do you call a Dalit Bahujan Adivasi does the same?

A: A Hindu Terrorist sympathiser.

Q: What about if they dont support Hindutva but voted for Modi?

A: Hindu Terrorist sympathisers.

...Be very clear about who the enemy is. DON'T LET LIBERAL IDENTITY POLITICS DIVIDE THE LEFT...

Because it certainly doesn't divide the Right Wing

@Deepsealioness All book stalls should only have Exam Warriors for sale.
"Ek Desh Ek Kitaab" "One Nation One Book"

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