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My mom made me crawl under the porch for this potato.

Me: you made me rescue a potato?

Mom: yes, I made you rescue the potato. Times are tough.

Boost the potato my mom wants to save to eat.

Accidentally slapped Hiro. He wanted pets and I reached down without looking. He forgave me.

Twitter ghosts me a lot. This time over a Tiddy Bear home.

Made the mistake of saying dinner around Hiro and he wants to eat. It’s not time yet.

Hiro was traumatized by the vacuum. Boost to comfort him.

Sometimes, Veronica likes to press her nose into my hand. Boost for nose presses.

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This is my main man Shiloh. Boost him because he fuvking deserves it.

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boost if u are impressed at how many boxes Bear managed to sit in all at the same time

I have a feeling I should be glad I missed the Wesley drama on here.

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