Torture and assault can't always be physical.It's according to me is more mental.And it's wrong to assume it doesn't happen to males.I can't dictate the trauma I went through when today I was harrassed so much that I wanted to leave the place. But the cruel harrasser made me sit at my place and kept torturing me for hours.I was literally on my backfoot and there was nothing I could do.After such brutalisation when I left the exam room and looked at the question paper I yelled:-Fuck you bastard!

How come propagandist like @KavitaKrishnan @DilliDurAst are breathing today? They must be feeling more suffocation than the days when AQI was above 800. Damn I want to see their constipated face today. Please people post your selfies.

Your boss and your hardwork never pays you on time😑😑

Haunted day and night
By the very thought of that sight
A neophyte;
spotted his love in some other arms
Her cheeks had someone else's signature
And his permanent tatoo has hers.


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