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Dr Brian Ballsun-Stanton @DenubisX@mastodon.social

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Hi, I'm Dr. Brian. I do Philosophy of Data, build apps for archaeologists (field data collection while offline with a bunch of androids), Data ... manipulation stuff.

On the weekends, I record for my youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCgK3Tn1N6 where I do rather long-form and quite philosophical Let's Plays of various games.

I feel very strongly about good coffee, I occasionally cook, and like to think about (and explore the thinking of) most well-phrased topics.

Any fallen londoners out there want christmas cards?

twitter.com/ABCemergency/statu is... very... very ... red. But hey, positive news, at least it's not purple yet.

Hey fellow Aussies, stay hydrated this week. twitter.com/ABCemergency says that this week is going to be awfully hot... all across australia.

Also, in our traditional holiday greeting: Happy total fire ban, everyone!

Any folks currently at or recently from Stanford around?

@dartigen Apropos of notetaking, a comment on one of my LPs mentioned: zettelkasten.de/posts/zettelka -- it might be an intesting thing to explore for you.

Do dee dooo. Going through my channel's YT comments so I can do "edits and fixes" videos.

Happily my channel is still small enough (so long as I don't look on other sites) to be quite civil in terms of comments.

Hrm. Reflections on the sous vide oranges. What is a pleasing burst of alcohol in a cherry is OMGWTF in a slice of orange. But muddled and diluted with some condensed milk and tonic water (conincdentally, guess what my fridge holds) it's hrmm... not bad.

Time for some instant noodles in stoo. I actually quite like instant noodles for this purpose as (especially in quality Raymun) they've got a great texture and are very strongly hydrophilic, sucking up all the wonderful flavour.

How should I "enjoy" the experiment with sous vide oranges tonight?

TFW one's mouse misclicks and the recording doesn't start.

Ugh. Playing scrap mechanic right now is causing entirely too much anxiety.

Got the peaches in the water bath now. 1 hour at 74. I bloody hope these turn out well.

@CarrieLikesCoffee (I may be horribly horribly addicted to coffee...)

@CarrieLikesCoffee May I compliment you on your name? You are clearly a person of taste and refinement.

TFW one's timer didn't set and one has to derive the cooking time from a mastodon post. (So... kinda smug, really?)

you code sixteen tons, and what do you get? / another day deeper in technical debt