Assault on the edifice. Solid piece from former Trinamool MP and Harvard history Professor Sugato Bose


Deputy Speaker in still not elected. In 70 year history, average time taken to fill post is 22nd sitting of House. Longest time ever taken was 12th LS: 59th day. Mo-Sh😜set dubious record. 62 sittings gone. Still no LS Deputy Speaker


Zero Credibility!

Throughout 2019:

Mo-Sh😜 tell NRC is being rolled out across the country (see video)

4 February 2020:

Mo-Sh tell that “Till now, no decision YET on bringing nationwide NRC”

Find out how much Tax you have to pay... Chart below compares Present Rate to New Rate.

Tax cut ki goli mat do

I'm back on SoundCloud
as a pod-itician 😊

In this 6 min episode #4 , a series, we discuss why I chose to speak in Bangla in

Listen >>

Trinamool always seeks feedback from multiple platforms to raise issues. I'm now trying something for on a trial basis

Write to me with issues you feel merit attention.Your inputs will be useful for Question Hour

Questions work as important tools for MPs to hold the government accountable. Learn more about the Question Hour in here >>

Fill form:

Six things the Bengal BJP Chief has recently said.

No. We didn't make this up!


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How Mo-Sh 😜 are cheating the people of India.

one-minute video

NRC: Trap 1
CAA: Trap 2
NPR: Trap 3


Fourth rally by Mamata Banerjee in four days. Integrating popular culture makes for powerful messaging: 'kashor-ghanta' reverberating at the rally today.

After walking with lakhs of citizens led by Mamata Banerjee
for protests across Bengal, sitting down to do a short interview for TV was a piece of cake


Took me 20+ minutes to try and make my point in Then, one genius (creator unknown) sums it all up with this brilliant graphic

Doing a after ages. If you live in Come watch the at DI today, Saturday 4.30 prelim. Final : 5.30pm. All details on the poster

My friend Sohaila Abdulali wrote the brilliant book “What we talk about when we talk about rape.” Read what she wrote today

Back on TV after a long hiatus for a very important issue. How the and the are a con job just like was (one slip of the tongue on my part on live TV... it should be States and not 'countries')


Inside today with my senior colleague Saugata Roy. Addressed the media on a very important issue, the - and how it is against the Constitution of India.

Can the youth of India trust this government ? What is this govt’s ‘Trust Quotient’ ? Trinamool asks. Here’s a clip from a debate in on the

WATCH clip #8

In in the debate on the we asked, what's this govt’s ‘Trust Quotient’ ? Can the States trust them? Can they?

WATCH clip #7

Speaking for Trinamool on debate in we asked, what this govt’s ‘Trust Quotient’ was on a number of parameters. Can we trust govt data?

WATCH clip #6

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