I'm on loan from my current job to help in a new command center for a project. This is a very high profile thing with company executives present, so we have all meals catered in. There is always at least one vegetarian/vegan option. For lunch today they had a very nice burger bar and also offered Beyond Meat patties. The only issue was that they only had two warming dishes. The first warming dish held the beef burgers. The second dish had the plant based burgers and also the only topping that needed to be kept warm... bacon. #vegan #notvegan

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🎶 And the fault wasn’t mine
Nor where I was
Nor what I wore
The violator is you 🎶

Chilean anti-rape anthem has gone viral

India must organise mass protests led by women to press govts/courts into action & create awareness among men about consent & law

Mystery of the twins' illness is being resolved. When I explained what has being going on to our main paediatrician as someone had commented earlier she was able to put the info together and said we need to take them to hospital. I am waiting till tomorrow for the day shift to start because the skeleton crew at night won't do a full work up. Hopefully they'll be sorted with bloodworks and maybe antibiotics. I guess all parents go thru this and its only when you become parents you know what they

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What we noticed about other organizations is dissenters thrown out from the party and only yes men remains with the supreme leader. We value dissent strongly, so no one can be expelled once they become members. So the extra validation steps before membership.

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Associates can request membership after working with us for at least 6 months and at least 2 existing members can vouch for them. All members have equal rights. No secretary, president or high command.

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The main group is open to all, the idea is to give everyone a feel of how things work and participate. Then those who want to take the next step can become associates by publicly stating their agreement to our constitution.

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" It is suffocating. We are constantly watched. In a sense, it is worse than the 90's. My sister won't finish her PHD due to the unprecedented delays & inability to get her research going. We're exhausted."

- A friend in Kashmir.

All I have is shame.
Too much. For too long.

Bottom-line what I observed in J&K

They are fearless, nothing scares them now, their hatred for army at it's peak. Even normal auto drivers brushing army vehicles, blocking their paths, honking them, just for fun....

@DesCoutinho When it is a political debate, you have to own all the blunders you have done collectively in past present and the time to come. That way, we all have blood on our hands. But then in the politics, someone is always trying to play messiah. Sometimes on social media alone. @Samyukth @wabbster

@musafir There's a couple of things I like.

1. The word limit allows better thought process to posts than constantly having to edit for impact.
2. Discussions rather than what-aboutery
3. A general structure that allows conversations to be weaved and interleaved. For instance, I've engaged in side conversations that come up in the stream, where the origin point was something I hadn't tracked at all.

There's going to be negativity for sure. But that shock value adrenaline is absent.

I was a twitter user until December 3rd. I webt down my followers list just following people back. (I had amassed over 276k followers over the years I used it) and got suspended for twitter for mass following. I did an appeal but nope. "Case closed and archived" for me twitter was theuraphutic* helped me talked about my feelings something I feel uncomfortable doing in real life but I found mastadon so hopefully this will help. This is my first toot. Sorry in advance for the nonsense.

Trans Bill was passed despite protests from trans community, the encounter was cheered on despite women explaining again and again on why it's wrong and does nothing for women safety. Indians have a huge problem of not listening to the community, they claim to uplift.

Those who never believe women and always bring up fake cases whenever someone talks about harassment, are cheering on the encounter. It's still the feminists who are pointing how problematic this is. The fake case gang never cared about fake cases, it's all just to silence women.

Tamilian. Living in Bangalore. Married to a Maharashtrian. Cross breed kiddo. 🤣

Other family members include 3 cats (Simba, Ozzy and Albie), and a doggo (Kuttinai). I'm here for some sensible discussion and less name calling and trolling!

Have a strange habit of sharing kiddy songs and boosting my old toots.

I toot about life with and try my best to help others going through problems.

Beer lover, rum+coke enthusiast and pizza addict.

People will cheer for encounter but will refrain from making "" as topic of drawing room conversations.

They will not teach their young boys what it means to respect girls and .

@musafir Thanks. I'd tried to read this a few days back but couldn't do so objectively without getting triggered.

But this assessment is important to understand that there is no 'criminal mindset of a rapist' that exists outside of our respectable society. Violence against women isn't an anomaly. If anything, it's a reflection of how men are allowed, taught and encouraged to treat women as lesser humans within this very society. And that is what needs to be addressed.

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Mastodon has so far been the most calm and productive Social Media platform I have come across. And I am saying this as a communication guy. It has been a space where you don't have to justify. It's been a space where you are not abused and trolled for disagreeing. I know, it mostly has people of similar inclination and thoughts but that's what we need right now to come up with a more organised movement. And more necessarily, speak up without any hesitation.

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