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So towards the end there is a discussion among the crew on how to purify their urine so that they can stay hydrated. And they have an indian surgeon as part of the multinational crew. I wondered why didn't he just say let's just drink our own urine it's healthy sterile and will give us superpowers. Turns out because the science says the opposite. Another Netflix series for Indians to demand to be banned then.

news18.com/news/india/kerala-n So luckily very few are interested in the trial of the buggering bishop of jalandar because it now has a gagging order which to be fair was the same for the sodomizing Cardinal of Australia. But they got him in the end.

worldometers.info/coronavirus/ I asked an Indian about the bollywood scandals in the news which he acknowledged but the follow up was why is this news and then he admitted to embarrassment and wanting to leave and go anywhere more sane. We couldn't think of any place. The figures are gathering momentum now so they'll start sounding more and more impressive leading to stranger defences from authorities. Though apparently the death rates is still suspiciously low. No more saying its coz of ritual purity

indiatoday.in/india/story/how- Odd cover story. The second para says he occasionally works for the army. The defence is that he wasn't doing so at the time. What happened to him though seems to be how soldiers of any flavour treat civilians in India's NE. As its of no interest to the rest of the world mind. Story ends here unless war breaks out.

bbc.com/news/world-asia-india- Looks like India is no longer interested in the experiment with western style democracy

10 shekels shall we say for any parent who is late for an hour or part of an hour so 20 shekels if its one hour five minutes late. So now the punchline which I now realize is not worth the wait. Next week every parent is 40-50 minutes late. They don't mind paying 10 shekels not to rush back from work maybe get an americano and pastry from the local cafe on the way in. You may ask why have kids if you end up spending so much time away from them because you make sacrifices for them. Guessing u don

fun fact: it's metaphysically impossible to deserve a greater share of the earth's resources than necessary for you to prosper along with every other living soul

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indiatoday.in/india/story/delh Most righteous hindu indians will either applaud or not react. But pretty sure it is now clear to the West that India is a police state and this is an old fashioned detention of political opposition leaders on groundless charges. But if Mr Modi is so popular where is the need. And yet the West has problems of its own so no response from the torchbearers of freedom and democracy the station chiefs and diplomats based in Delhi.

library.lol/main/B57EDF0C8F4B0 so much to read and I have now decided to prioritize middle egyptian as I am running out of time.

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edition.cnn.com/2020/09/11/opi This chap sums up India's divisions also. Where we differ he thinks good ol fashioned compromise and learning to settle will help bring resolution. I feel it's more about engaging with love trying to find human connections with others and realizing that they are nonetheless surprizingly far more insane than we are. Do you agree Des?

Thing is lawyers are ten a penny everywhere. Not like nurses or doctors where there aren't always enough. Always too many. I have never figured out how to find an honest-ish lawyer who might take on your case who isn't overloaded already.

I don't think the antiracist anti-capitalist organic anarchists are really my homies.

@emsenn I am a specialist as no doubt you are. And trying to explain a really complex set of studies in toots would exhaust me also. @technomancy

In view of marriage of accused with victim, trial to be futile: Gujarat HC quashes FIR for rape of minor


"Women’s groups and advocates and child rights activists in India generally converge on the point that marrying the survivor is a time tested ploy by rapists to escape conviction or the prolonged sentence. This tactic takes advantage of cultural issues around rape, where raped women are, to this day, looked upon as jinda lash – living dead."


While you make them. You sing the sacred songs of your people and you imbue the knives with the ability for those who understand the silent language always spoken to cut astral chords. You sell for 5000 bucks. And you decide whom to sell them to. The going rate for the vanilla cow or water buffalo bone knife puts 50 bucks at the upper end. You're not a capitalist because you don't understand basic economics how to cost goods, normal profit. Even on your point that people have to buy into the

nytimes.com/2020/09/08/world/a And yet I still meet people who are not sure if Suu Kyi is a genocidal nutter bastard. Perhaps she is trying to rein in .... There's stupid there's denial and there's full on collaboration. I'm all for ending the patriarchy so long as people understand women are patriarchal too.

When they protest abroad. Anyone protesting any policy of the gov in India is automatically detained without trial or if they are muslims though I think we support muslims oppressed in China. Not sure if being a generic steppe barbarian would help you in India. They don't like northeastern indians here. You all look alike to them. Can I say that without getting blocked?

COVID-19 in West Africa 

@DesCoutinho If nothing else, the pandemic has shown us just how broken so many of our governments really are.

bbc.com/news/uk-politics-54051 There should have been some cross-party agreement on what to do about the irish question. I think it would be a very bad idea to have armed british guards dividing up the country again and treating irish caflicks as if they were muslims in their own country asked to assume the position and strip when they wanted to go over to the pub across the road for the cheaper cigarettes or whatever. Unless some irishperson agrees. They ain't coming back because england left eu

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