basically, don't use the fediverse for anything you wouldn't want coming up in a court of law, because it's not secure for that. It's just not a tool that's built for secure political organizing. There's ongoing discussion about potentially making it secure, but that doesn't have an easy solution for a bunch of technical reasons, so for now it's just not. Use Signal or another encrypted, secure chat app. Don't harbor any illusions that you can discuss anything seditious on here safely.

but at the same time, fuck cops, we should 100% be banning them from being on the fediverse, not because it will make our information more secure, but because fuck them, we don't want them around here. It's not a matter of infosec, but a matter of not wanting to associate with the bastards. Come back with a warrant or not at all, asshole.

> basically, don't use the fediverse for anything you wouldn't want coming up in a court of law, because it's not secure for that.

Anything and everything can be seditious in this country. Anyone can be slapped with NSA and UAPA act and put in jail for any amount of time as the courts and government please. Almost all political conversations we are having over here, can land us in jail if the government decides to do go after us. It's about minimising our risk by being on here.

@melissasage For example, they arrested 77 people for their posts and messages on social media after Ayodhya Verdict.
We want a place where we can be public about our dissent and yet the government can't so easily ask the social media company to hand over our location details.

@bisaat This is context I didn't know very much about, thank you so much for sharing.

@melissasage Thanks for listening. If you or anyone visiting this thread would like more context and information about India being a surveillance state and routine arbitrary arrests being done, I would happy to provide that. Also, to the people from USA reading this, Indian constitution doesn't guarantee absolute freedom of speech. There are various laws in Indian Penal Code which are so vague or broadly defined that any critic of government or any religion can be under the purview of them.


@bisaat @melissasage Early on post Aug 5 GoI stated that all reports of torture were lies and came under the criminal law of sedition so if you reported an act of torture in Kashmir you committed an offence and if you didn't they could lock you up under PSA to stop you from reporting an act of torture. Several people started posting reports on Facebook relaying first hand reports from Kashmir thinking they were safe as they lived abroad. Their passports were withdrawn. The americans theorize

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