"yasss slay queen" i hiss at you encouragingly, handing you a gun and a map of buckingham palace

@mxsiege If he were in India he'd already be in prison under sedition charges. But my hope is either because there are so few intelligence officers in the West and they make some efforts to distinguish between actual threats and shitposts MI5 still don't know who any of us are. But who knows maybe they are as dumb as the Indian variety. @myconidiosyncracy

@DesCoutinho @myconidiosyncracy i would assume they will have recognised it as a shitpost but still have to log it yeah.


@mxsiege Really they spent all those billions on hey isn't GHQ MI3 or 4 or something Arent' you getting your MIs confounded? Who knows maybe the camera on this computer is now recording the twins' getting their first egg yolk for food too. With this technology only way to stay off the grid is to stay off the grid. And yeah never assume too much intelligence from an intelligence officer @myconidiosyncracy

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