@saadnpq Though on reflection if I attempted to write in Chinese apart from sounding like a special needs five year old its a lot easier to do in pinyin Ni Hao. Which is why i'll wait to have a passable understanding of chinese before trying to converse with anyone in it. Usually I go with ancient languages and there used to be less danger of having to have conversations with anyone in them. These days though the fashion is for natural language learning. There goes private study.

@DesCoutinho I always wanted to learn Chinese to expose my self to the far eastern culture (you will correct me on using this term also I guess 😄 ), but I feel very intimidated. Is Hindi as hard?

@saadnpq I refuse to speak the language of our northern oppressors. There are around 3000 plus languages spoken in India. The current religious fascist government (and fascist is not a dirty word in my dictionary) would have you believe that most of them are dialects of Hindi. Language is not just about communication but also politics. I hope to send the kids to a school where they will learn English French Tamil and Meiteilon as their basic languages with options to pursue Sanskrit Classics

@DesCoutinho Agree. that's very respected position to have.

@saadnpq Yeah but reasonable positions get you beaten lynched or if you are lucky detained indefinitely without trial here. It's more a time of fanatical irrational xenophobi anti-scientific positions. So reading ancient history i find quite helpful

@DesCoutinho I can relate with this. In Egypt, we have a very similar situation even after the 25 Jan revolution. for now, informing ourselves and people around us has a greater impact. I can imagine someone with your mind and knowledge will have a hard time these days.

@saadnpq My interest in Egypt is how much it influence Greek and Roman civilization. Part of the construct of the West comes from Classical civilization which until recently was deemed an isolated paradise that developed out of a bubble that has nothing to do with Egytian Mesopotamian or Anatolian civilizations. These days scholars links with Indus Valley literature are publishable. There's also an openness to Egyptian civilization having links with other black African civilizations.

@DesCoutinho may I ask you what is your educational background? or is it just from reading and personal studies? cause you clearly very thorough and have a well-rounded knowledge. very impressed.

@saadnpq I guess I hope at least one of my twins is a nerd and is interested in studies that's half of it I think the desire is caught not taught. But if God has willed something else for them let it be. I don't think education means going to a university and I'm not sure what universities will still offer in the years to come.

@DesCoutinho I hope the best for you and your family. I learned a lot from talking with you. there is plenty of Wikipedia pages open right now that I will bookmark to read it fully later. 😀


@saadnpq Any course that pushes you to ask better questions or disagree or just see things in different ways is good. Wiki tends to give simplistic summaries. Its the first resort of modern scribes that should be enough to diss it.

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