There's this weird moral/philosophical stance here people have that they won't watch videos on Youtube, or go to Facebook pages, or go to Instagram.

I get the theory of not wanting to support those corporations, I do.

But, look. In our society where folk are so heavily segregated, it essentially has the effect of saying, "I won't watch videos by most Indigenous creators," because those platforms are where those folk are.

I get it, you don't wanna support closed source software. Fair enough.

But depending on context, that can just be a convenient excuse to maintain the whiteness of your life. Like, not going on Youtube to watch a new review of some consumerist tech? Good, fine.

Refusing to go on Youtube when it is the original home of an original video that provides information on white racism against Indigenous people, from an Indigenous person?

Like @yaaps said, y'all gotta rethink those priorities.

@emsenn In India it's become a more political thing. Facebook India has been promoting hate speech by Government politicians while banning rebuttals from the opposition. Whatsapp is used regularly to organize the lynchings of minority groups mainly muslims but also dalits on made up stories. Indians don't mind Youtube. The WSJ published an article about the above but its behind a firewall. I'll click if its interesting but not joining facebook if it needs more @yaaps

@DesCoutinho I think it's a "political" thing here too, but more the politics of like, center-moderates against left-moderates: it's one thing to not use Facebook because it's where the fascists are. It's another to not use it because you don't like corporate software, even though it's where the ANTI-fascists are. @yaaps


@emsenn A lot of what we would have called nerds here. Unless that's a bad word to use in which case I withdraw that. I see a lot of passionate arguments about FOSS and recently libre software. It's like wandering thru a party where people are split between Arsenal's defensive strategy and
Tottenham's flair and even when there were conversations like that I had no idea what to add but these days you get called an ignorant capitalist racist if you pick the wrong side @yaaps

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