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I Love It 😍

BJP its called Karma .
Fadnavis didn't allow DK shivakumar to meet rebel MLAs in Mumbai .He helped form BJP govt in Karnataka .
Today Fadnavis can't form govt in Maharashtra .

Two issues that drop the non-Sanghi mask from the faces of even the MOST staunch BJP critics:



Achieving immortality is not that hard. Think about the people who live on in your heart and you know the truth.

Meanwhile on bird app, sanghis going mad without us and asking for Indian Govt to ban Mastodon because They made a rule no casteism or advocacy of casteism

Priyanka Chaturvedi and INC

Divided by Lok Sabha elections
And now...
United by Vidhan Sabha elections

How cute!! 😹🤭


Twitter is Mumbai
@Mastodon is Pune. 😀

Whether anyone else too relates this? 🤔


SquintNeon and his gang of abusive RW trolls are here already! Kindly BLOCK HIM & ALL HIS FOLLOWERS before they start harassing or SSing ur toots!!

@Deepsealioness @Shudraism @dearthofsid

Stay safe & boost this to warn others here!!


GN peeps!!
Day 3 on Mastadon ends w/ HUGE spike in the number of new migrations from BirdSite. Yay!! 😊✌️

We probably already know which way the will swing, so PLS stay safe BOTH offline & online 🙏

🔸Avoid TV news & engaging w/ trolls on BirdSite, if possible!!
🔸DO NOT post anything on SM that could potentially be used by our Fascist Govt. to harass you
🔸 Keep networking here & make this a legit alternative to BirdSite
🔸Show solidarity to our Muslim friends 💗🤝


Peeps, here's a FF to some amazing new handles here!!
🔸@Red2_0, @Desivindiesel, @PJ_KING & @YahanBhiTamatar (for their hilarious memes n wit)

🔸@losthopelessly (for adorable doggo pix n his video advice series on assorted topics!)

🔸@Wolfiehere5 (for cute AF gifs n adobs cat pixx)

🔸@TresBelle (for her crazy wit, her kindness, n her crazy joxx)

NOTE: All of these peeps are also adept at shiteposting n will def keep u entertained here on Mastadon!!

Cheers 😊💗✌️


Modi G fighting terrorism:
Terrorists : Yaar Modi G ye 500 500 1000 k note le kar ghumne mai bht problem hoti hai.. Jyaada guns nahi le paate🤦‍♂️
Modi G: Bas itni si baat .. 2000 ka note le aayenge.. 3-4 Ak47 extra le kar aana .. Jyaada Publicity milega mujhe😍

So Every One is Asking For Boost
Can I Get Complan Or Horlicks ? 🤔

@DConquered 👆👆👆

This Is My Pinned Tweet,
Now It's Gonna Be Pinned Toot.
I Love It 😍

Rinkiya ke pappa hain.
Rinkiya kiya hoga. 😃😄😃😄

@Desivindiesel han yaar.. par ek chez gaur ke Yea Twitter ka bird ka colour orange hogaya hai.. Twitter bhi bjp mai Shamil hogaya hai🤪

Demonetization had one benefit.
Indian currency lekar India mai ghum raha tha lekin feeling aa rahi thi jaise world tour pe hu😂

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