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Starting a Star Trek again on Netflix for the first time since they added downloading episodes on mobile, and just

Pro: I no longer need to worry about mobile data when watching on my commute

Con: The literal first time I see an ad, I'm cancelling my subscription. Like, that's not even a debate.

Between this and Twitch "take it for no ads!" Prime adding ads, why do companies HAVE to make it a shit proposition to give them money?

~Netflix -Twitch -capitalism 

@DiamondTiki Cable already went down this route and we see it lead them nowhere but failure. I'm guessing that companies doing this have 1 of 2 reasons.

1. They haven't seen the signs from others and don't realize this short-term gain will be their death knell.

2. They believe they're already in their final stages for other reasons, so why not make a quick buck on the way out?


~Netflix -Twitch -capitalism 

@AdmiralMemo I find it difficult to believe Netflix is really in its final stages, and Twitch is surely still going either up or forward. After both YouTube and Patreon, though, I really shouldn't be surprised anymore at companies not having a clue why precisely their services have value for people.

~Netflix -Twitch -capitalism 

@DiamondTiki Someone flashes money at you and you're like "What's the harm?" only to find out directly that you messed up.

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