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Evert <Cygnus> @Diamondpone@mastodon.social

I haven't really talked on social media about my activities so here goes..

So about a month ago I bought an old HP Elite 8300 desktop pc on an auction and I upgraded it. It was a royal pain because they use proprietary dimensions and connectors. I'm still waiting on my GTX 750 Ti to arrive.

Yesterday I ordered my own internet, it's DSL because we don't get fiber here yet, 40/10 for 21€/mo.

RT @painthands@twitter.com: Remember Kiwi & his goth gf? Well now she's his goth wife and they have 4 beautiful half goth babies 💚💙🖤

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RT @HugoBolte@twitter.com: @MrBeastYT@twitter.com "MrWeebs6000 EXPOSED :O (not clickbait)" ✌️

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RT @AMAZlNGNATURE@twitter.com: The best reaction to the What The Fluff challenge 😂😂

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RT @EFF@twitter.com: BREAKING: In a huge victory, the European Parliament has voted 318-278 against and —the disastrous and copyright proposals.

That means we’re close to stopping these terrible proposals—and we’re gaining momentum.

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RT @edri@twitter.com: SUCCESS! Your voice was heard! The EU Parliament rejected the mandate by 318 to 278. Next battle: September.

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RT @memespng@twitter.com: Retweet if this bird has more money than you

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Just finished @ExpanseSYFY@twitter.com season 3 and can I say that I'm absolutely in love with this show. @TheExpansePO@twitter.com have done an excellent job and I can't stress it enough how much I love this show. Keep up the good work!