hi everybody. sorry I don't post over here much. I'm still stuck on yelling at jerks over on the bird site.

okay! everything feels steady so far. they say tooting is like riding a bicycle, in that they both involve pumping your legs in a circular motion.

i'm going to attempt to slowly reintegrate myself into your feed. it'll be like i never left! you'll actually start seeing me in your childhood memories -- that's normal and part of the process!

missed y'all. will be replying on your good, good posts soon enough.


Love it when @DickButt4Prez shops a second copy of his dick onto a bj pic

(not a shitpost this happened and I actually love it)

laurelai, starrevolution 

lmaooooo someone using starrevolution just accused me of trying to recruit people onto bofa bc I mentioned it in a toot. you’re on an instance modded by a literal rapist hun, I’m good.

.social mods don’t read this 

everyone else.....henlo

People keep saying "fuck white people" buddy they won't even let me fuck white people

certified white person here and I just wanted to add to the "fuck white people" discourse by saying, unequivocally:


@bax_books and just so I’m clear on this point: fuck white people

WIFE: what are these two stains on the ceiling?
HUSBAND: these? they’re bofa
W: what’s bofa?
H: bofa deez nuts lmao
W: you mean you fucking jizzed on the ceiling?
H: yes

Lmao how did we go from “fuck nazis” to banning people for saying “fuck white people” in a fortnight

heads up that if you’re thinking about leaving mastodon.social, you probably should. someone just got booted for saying “fuck white people” lol

I support white genocide, didn’t think I was gonna have to make that clear here but

White people who get upset at "fuck white people" are exactly who should be told that.

Just dropping in to remind everyone that you can't be racist to white people. It's technically impossible.

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