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Oh no. I just realized I can just buy all the cards I always wanted as a kid on EBay

I wonder if we will see an influx of people join Mastodon from after the whole Elon thing

The audacity of advertisements sometimes. Like no I don’t want to see you pulling out a gigantic piece of earwax with a reusable q-tip. It’s disgusting.

The folks on Discord, and have been extremely helpful with all my Racket questions. Highly recommend for people looking to learn or discuss Racket.

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Hooo boy this CDN being down is affecting etc. Sites are loading so weirdly if at all. I should just go back to sleep

Watching begins and then afterwards is so confusing due to all the actos that overlap

I had no idea Jack Gleason was the little boy in begins

It’s been too long since I’ve programmed in a . I’ve got the most experience in but I’m looking for something different. Maybe Guile 🤔

The avengers fighting Thanos is a prime example of why you don’t go into a boss fight with just dps.

Did five hours of clipping, sanding, and gluing of my start collecting Serpahon set. I love me some lizard people

Wohoo! Happy Friday everyone! Time to dig into some while I eat some takeout!

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KDE helped NASA reach Mars and now we're helping James Cameron reach Pandora in the #Avatar sequels. Lisa Su of AMD shows off video effects software running on KDE Plasma. #CES2019

119 lines of code and a white rectangle later. I am well on my way to becoming a master of pyglet 😎

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when the boss tells us to deprioritize fixing tech debt "so we can ship more product features"

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I feel like I don't explicitly state this often enough, but I want to see a future where most people are on federated social networks. Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, etc, instead of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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