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There are 3 types of leaders that venture into finding agencies:

1. Digitally Aware
2. Digitally Naïve
3. Digitally Unaware

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6 tips for creating engaging

1. Use Data & Images
2. Use quotes
3. Tell a story
4. Use Sub-headings & Bullets
5. Talk about News & Trends
6. Use the right tool to curate and distribute content

Everybody wants to do . But 90% of our ecosystem is filled with people holding a traditional mindset.
If you need a digital marketing but do not know, WHERE and HOW to find it, read on 👇👇

3 most common situations when a or a Manager should get a done. When U want 2:
1. Ur
2. has been impacted negatively
3. facing fierce from other brands

It’s now up to 18.8K new users this week. For reference, growth was about 1K per week for a long time.

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So guys, every instance functions like a separate social media website. In order to have an account in an instance lets say in or one can just type these as url and the usual logic process you've to go through. I used the single email id to create accounts in 2 different instances with different handle names. so that works and your handle is unique only in your instance. (this can be tricky)

one may ask so how many instances are there. According to a bot i saw there were 1400+ instances. The list can be found here (don't know how complete it is)-

here is alist of instances with more infos like no. of users, uptime, if it is down etc-

I’ve found that general instances are a good base to start off with . I started with the following three :


@dorkymcdarkface posted a master list of mastodon instances today . Find that list and go through it at your leisure to discover some instances you’d love to be a part of .

Personally , I’d recommend doing this after you’ve lurked on general instances for a few days and have a hang of how things work here

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Toot is a fun way to discover instances , lurk around and jump in when you like the space . Toot has three tabs . A home tab , which is the home feed for the current instance . A notification tab which is self explanatory and a third tab that allows you to swipe between instances . As far as I know Toot does not allow you to see the local feed or federated timeline once you are signed in. I’m trying to figure out how to do that via Toot .

So , I’ve been discovering Mastodon and I am really liking the vibe in this space . I’ve also been discovering and exploring this medium and would like to share my thoughts with fellow adapters from .

Mastodon instances are like alternate universes . You can have the same handle and email ID and profile information across all instances or have unique ID in each instance. It’s like how some characters stay the same in every universe but certain characters differ or don’t exist :)

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