Just when you think that your efforts didn't yield the desired results and then you suddenly get information out of the blue that everything is on track.

That feeling right now!!

Love life, embrace change and be excited about whatever the future may bring.

because people are buying only what they really need!!!

Ironical and funny!!

Irony of

The tiniest form of life is controlling the behaviour of most arrogant and possible most evolved life form on Earth.

Stay safe everyone.

जो तुम ना हो रहेंगे हम नहीं
ना चाहिए कुछ तुमसे ज्यादा
तुमसे कम नहीं..

Every few days comes a song that sweeps you off your feet!

ख्वाहिशों को जेब में रख कर निकला कीजिए जनाब

खर्चा बहुत होता है मंजिलों को पाने में।

उन्हें ये ज़िद थी कि हम बुलाते... हमें ये उम्मीद वोह पुकारें....

Watch on

Kate Winslet and Cameroon Diaz. Jude Law is the icing on the cake.

Thank me later.

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There couldn't be a better start to lazy than having a Swedish massage followed by egg bhurji and aloo ka paratha.

Yes, hot pipping tea too.

Whom do you serve.

I oscillate between Dynamo, Chameleon and Builder. Haven't experienced the other two extremes.

This is a very recent one. By an Ecuador condom manufacturer. Pretty bold.

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Determination is a strong companion on your journey towards success.

Challenges that you can't overcome result in lessons, that must be used to improve future actions.

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