Just popped over to see what everyone is up to on mastodon. Glad to see everyone is still happy and getting along great.

🎶Miiiight as well face it
We're electing Dick Butt🎶
(Ad paid for by the Elect @DickButt4Prez campaign.)

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I just received an HR email at work about how they're switching wellness program providers and the new one will require you to download an app to your phone to participate.

el-oh-fucking-el. Kids, don't ever participate in wellness programs. It's just a way for your boss to spy on you.

I would very much like a BOFA.lol invite. I need the helldude emoji.

Posting my first selfie to mastodon. Feeling cute. Might self-boost later.

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I’m sticking with this place’s wholesome and harmonious feel: Here is a picture of some animals I love getting alone.

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The real superhero of mastodon.social is @CM_noelle who's been onboard the moderation team for over a year.

She's the one that gets rid of the nazis by blocking their servers.

She's the one that suspend the assholes off the instance.

She's the best. With the biggest :trebuchet:

Her Patreon is here:


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general comment:

I'm well aware Eugen is a tech bro & not the Ubermensch

y'all need to realize we're coming from a site that *actively protects Nazis & suppresses their enemies* so let us freak out for a while

Available now for download in the app store

I hope Henry Kissinger's life comes to a merciless, painful end in which his final cognizant act is shitting himself.

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🎵might as well face it
the old bird site is bad🎶

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Before I go drive for an hour I think I'll toot some art I made that everyone will surely hate

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