NYT: “Under Modi, India’s Press Is Not So Free Anymore. India’s government has pressured advertisers and even shut down channels to shape the information that 1.3 billion Indians receive. It’s part of a wider assault on dissent.”

Bloomberg News spoke to more than a dozen front-line physicians across India, and while none reported the sort of spike in patients with respiratory ailments that would suggest Covid-19 is already running rampant, all agreed it’s just a matter of time -- and that India isn’t ready.

Supreme Court judge Justice D Y Chandrachud on Saturday said that labelling dissent as “anti-national” or “anti-democratic” strikes at the heart of deliberative democracy.

Vajpayee-Advani framed the rules for an all-India NRC. Modi-Shah only have to implement it. They have added a Muslim filter to it. Read here on how an all-India NRC might look like, as imagined by Vajpayee-Advani in 2003.

Pushed to the edge, young Indian Muslims are asked to not react
It’s not just about the new citizenship law or NRC. The pent-up anger among Indian Muslims is giving way. theprint.in/opinion/pushed-to-

“when Alt News looked up the profiles and previous tweets of people declaring support for the Citizenship Amendment Act, we found that several among them used to identify as Hindus. The sudden shift to Muslim identities unsurprisingly happened in the wake of CAB.”


Assamese superstar Jatin Bora, who is also chairman of the state's film finance development corporation, resigned from the BJP on Thursday in protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

Editorial in The Daily Star: “India’s soul, we dare say, is being jaundiced. That’s a pity and we say this from our own experience when the fundamental tenet of the nation—secularism—was deleted from the Constitution of Bangladesh.”

“The Assam Accord brought closure to a phase of great violence and anxiety in the modern history of Assam. The agitation was led by the youth, who saw a direct threat to their future from the illegal influx of foreigners into the state.”

“The starting point has to be to recognise the magnitude of the problem, to not brand every internal or external critic as politically-motivated, and to stop believing that the problem is temporary and that suppressing bad news and inconvenient surveys will make it go away,” said Rajan.

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