Now that the BJP has said it cannot form government in Maharashtra, we have two choices. Take your pick.

@DilliDurAst Sharad Pawar should form govt. Desperate times demand desperate measures.

@DilliDurAst Time to split the state into 3 union territories - Vidarbha, Marathwada and Bandra.

@DilliDurAst Re-election and BJP is hoping they will win more seats post Ayodhya verdict?

@DilliDurAst I would still bet on the BJP coming to power. They always manage to.

@DilliDurAst WHAT? Chankaya couldn’t buy fellow Bhakts from Shiv Sena? His regression to mean moment I guess.

@DilliDurAst SS is too inconstant besides incompatible with any party other than BJP. SS outfits of the northern states also are rather loose cannons which could harm the INC very much, ideologically.

@DilliDurAst Dont think the options put forth suffice to address the condition at hand. It is unlikely to think of the second option. Sharad Pawar's stature in the present is too big to be compatible for CM post.
Uddhav Thakare would have been the second option with Ajit Pawar probably the third option, which also is very u likely in present scenario.
It would be suicidal for Shiv Sena to be a part of Govt. without CM post, after faceoff with BJP on the same issue.

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