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hypnosis and hypnokink 

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This is not me, but from someone who shared this video on a Discord server I'm in. Made me feel better after 2 hours of crying:

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Well, I plan to use this once more people (Hopefully) show up, so here goes:

Welcome to my account: prepare for chaos, socialism, hypnosis, film, writing, music, love about how Evangelion saved my life, and so much more.

Have fun rotting in my own personal hell!

okay, after whatever the fuck happened on .social, i'm ready to join something.

how the fuck do i join radical town? anyone give a lost otter some pointers?

blessed be the piraters, for they capture the future of media 😘

aside from that, it's gonna be an eventful seven days this week for me watching these films and i'm prepared to tackle them head on. 😎 📽️ ❤️

goddamn, milennium actress got me on a kick and now i have 7 fucking movies open, 6 on internet archive, and the other on youtube.

- stalker
- paris, texas
- blue velvet
- mr. smith goes to washington
- jacob's ladder
- audition
- the sweet hereafter

i've always questioned why in a world where the internet gives us so much to do, we instead spend it on social media. it's truly a mystery.

*cough cough* corporatismfuckingsucks *cough cough*

excuse me.

millenium actress 

musing about radiohead 

alright, shame to see the psyduck go, but the otter now reigns supreme

Yesterday a lot of white spoke up in a town in Maine about how using a native mascot isn't offensive and it's paying respect to our people.. when the native population was massacred, murdered, and raped in what is now their town. Our tribe's ambassador stood up bravely after rape threats and death threats to say why our heritage and culture isn't some petty thing to be used by white people as a symbol, especially in something as trivial as a highschool basketball team mascot.

boost this (or reply) and i'll draw your avi. it's not gonna be great. I might take hours, even days. but it might be funny, and in the end, thats the only thing that matters

between @wormssss's thread about youtube rewind and me listening to trout mask replica, i'm lmfao like a madman.

Uspol, Sonicfox 

trans, pol, and kink shitpost 

trans, pol, and kink shitpost 

"why do you use surveillance capitalist sites?" is the "I don't even OWN a TV" of the 2010s, with all the snide condescension it implies :no_at:

oh, i see the fuckwad abuser known as xxxtenacion has a new album this year...

let's seeeeee...

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