my favorite dumb 80s movie is always going to be One Crazy Summer (see: my icon here). It's not really GOOD, and it's definitely worse than Better Off Dead, but then again one crazy summer is devoid of Dan Schneider, who is a super creep.

also it has curtis armstrong playing against type.

But you do have to listen to bobcat goldthwait doing THAT THING for way too much of the movie.

another pro: no van halen. instead it has a eurythmics theme.

oh my god my computer will not stop making this whirring sound. sounds like the little side panel on the tower is loose. if I touch the tower it stops making the sound. ugghhh I hate it

I can't believe i let peer pressure keep me from just eating on raisins for years.

raisins own

I don't mean like thumb on wrong side or whatever I just mean I jsut didn't angle it in a correct and natural way.

someday man someday I'll just know this

god any time hands are doing things in a drawing that are at any different angle than I am used to my brain turns them into escher nightmares and then I have to take a reference photo of me doing that pose and then I realize oh it was facing the wrong way ok

how did I write poor instead of pour. look I've been awake for a very long time now

the cat recovered very quickly and has been a butthole all morning getting up onto surfaces she's not allowed on. stop batting things off the coffee table you butt!

my god I actually tired her out making her chase the paper towel ball as I threw it repeatedly. she's just sprawled on the kitchen floor now. she's usually just boundless energy. I did it.

oh my god she's losing her kitten mind I love it

the cat's new favorite toy is balled up paper towel

time to start thinking about how I want to decorate our balcony.... >:O

I noticed some of my neighbors go all out, so I need to step up

the drug store has halloween candy and there's leaves on the ground, I don't care that it's still 100 degrees it's fall now

hey, guess what, drawing armor is time consuming

everyone's just vague posting about it, which is understandable, but also frustrating

also my hand hurts still

I haven't been looking at twitter much the past week, did a bad comic thing happen?

I don't even know how i could have broken my finger bone which is pretty on brand for me. it could just be a wrenched tendon since it doesn't hurt to make a fist, but grabbing things or things touching the swollen part hurts. idk

is the band 98degrees in fahrenheit or celcius

my favorite rene auberjonois role is still that drunk skeleton in the last unicorn

fuck callout posts and fuck callout culture

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