aw she stopped in June. ran out of steam I guess. only so many things to aack about without offending people

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Cathy came back to make comics about the pandemic, that's amazing


love 2 have a UTI at 8pm in a town that closes at 8pm. I found a pharmacy that stays open until 11, seth gets off work at 10, it's close by thank god.

I'd drive myself but whoops no license

there's a weep cover of oh sugar honey honey if you ever wanted to hear Doc Hammer belt that out

someone higher up at cartoon network probably rage shitted themselves at this chaste hand holding

their knees are almost touching!! the children!!

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look there's room for the holy ghost in there lol

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I wonder how hard people had to fight to even get this on screen.

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I'm still salty that we have multiple cartoons now where there's lesbians kissing and dating openly but with gay male couples the most I can get is chaste hand holding

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I'll just build my own damn comic hosting site shall I *immediately goes into bankruptcy*

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It's a shame that just hosting your own damn comic is a little hard for people to do.

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tapas just keeps getting more annoying to look at, I didn't think that was possible

I'm disappointed that I can remember all of the time after the dentist this time. booo. but I think i blanked out the actual appointment. It took like 3 hours apparently, felt like maybe 20 minutes. neat.

I'm surprised the landscapers left it alone when they came through and mulched around all the bushes last week but good for them for doing so

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it looks like someone in my complex planted a bunch of peppers and squashes along the fence line. that's neat. I'd say it was birds pooping seeds but it's too uniform

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