I hate how often people on tumblr post "cute animal videos" but the video shows an animal that's obviously stressed the fuck out.

I don't wanna see a dog showing me the whites of its eyes or a freaked out cat. horrible

Ugh phone typing. Please pretend I type good instead of bad.

My grandpa moved to Texas to be with my grandma Jimmy and his parents did not approve. My grandma hated my great grandma Irma so much. Irma's been dead so ling and Jimmy is still all >:( about it.

Every time I remember my grandparents fell in love by being penpals first I feel all :3c

I hope I someday remember my playstation log in info so I can take screenshots of the cute little town I made in DQB2. SIGH.

love to pull a muscle in the arch of my foot right when I wake up in the morning, really reminds me that I'm alive

actually it looks like it's getting another reprint in november. I suppose I could just buy it then.

I don't suppose anyone has a pdf or zip of the world of dark crystal... :O

I could use rubber cement but my apartment isn't well ventilated and I have enough brain damage and headaches thanks

gonna need a lot of foam!! and a hot glue gun, I don't own one

I also got some fancy chocolates, and seth got me the spirited away art book and tomorrow or whenever I'm gonna go to the craft store and buy all the stuff I need to make a dr schtein muppet

finally splurged and bought some brownies and fancy rootbeer because it's my birthday

ok so I just watched the original dark crystal. I hadn't seen it since I was lik e8 or something. MY TRANSFORMATION IS COMPLETE into SUPER NERD

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