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keep in mind once in a blue moon I post nsfw stuff on it and twitter's not as cool about letting you choose when to hide images, but I have the account set to that may contain dirty pictures setting, sooo. best I could do

if you got a follow from @dorkgrambly on birdsite that's my locked account, also if you didn't and we're friends you shoudl follow it, because I've just been adding people as it pops up suggestions so I don't have everyone yet

being super sad in a 1970s style living room

fleeing twitter to here for the rest of the day. :P



Kyle gass is in this Brooklyn 99 ep I'm watching and he's so ollldddd

man jigen sounds older and older every year

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fake bullock in 1989 batman doesn't count

why isn't Bullock in any of the batman movies, he's the best batman character of all?

I hope the next gorillaz video has kyle gass in it

my insomnia is so cool I've been awake since 3pm yesterday so I guess now is the time to sleep? But I don't feel particularly sleepy.

oh my god I am dying of not sleep why am I not asleep yet

doesn't she know I poop there she's watched me do it enough times

man my cat loves sleeping on the toilet

I was going to give him that pulcinella mask but it ended up looking pretty bad, so I left it off

I have another outfit I haven't finished yet where I've drawn him at pulcinella


my brand is rapidly just becoming duck art