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why did he make this transparent

I've had this horrible thing open in a tab all day, I keep remember it's there and surprising myself

I took a photo of that gonterman book I own earlier today

I am much less anxious now. thanks, time!

my favorite twitter discovery is that curtis armstrong, the guy who played Booger, is an amazing and kind dude

All he tweets about is books and art and fun stuff and how much he hates trump

suddenly I remember showing classmates in highschool chatlogs from FurryMUCKs

ha ha ha, man to be a completely unselfaware teenager again in an age where no one knew what furries were. talk about a short window.

it's sorta weird that I even have these but I don't ever look at them, so whatever.

man I think I can just slam dunk all these old chat logs into the trash except for the ones between me and seth even though looking at them is sorta embarrassing now! :D

I just realized I probably have chat logs of that weird ass exchange

you know, now that I look back upon it, I'm REASONABLY sure that that person who IM'd me at the exact same time Gonterman IM'd me ws also Gonterman pretending to be his own fan.

oh wait it might be ~hormones~

oof my anxiety is through the roof today and I have no idea why

sorting any reddit by controversial is the pro move

why does the cat only want to sit in the places I sit.

The guy I was moving with just left me there with no phone or car so I had to walk somewhere, and then the dream turned into a weird videogame/haunted house and I ended up seducing the devil.

just normal dream stuff

had a weird stress dream about moving last night. Like I moved to some part of town I wasn't familiar with, and when we got there we realized that the apartment was an efficiency, and much more expensive than we thought. horrible

apparently that's just always been a thing I just haven't paid attention to him, because, again, the smiths

ew morrisey is a huge racist. Good thing I don't give a damn about the smiths