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I actually do know why the bucket now, but I'm not sure I want to dispel the mystery.

at like different wendy's too, not just the same one.

So one time Seth's sister, Emily, was finally like "hey what's with the bucket?"

and the guy responded "That's my business."

we used to go to wendy's all the time when we were in our twenties and broke

there was this thing that kept happening where we'd be pulling up to the window where you pay and an employee would quickly lower a bucket out the pay window and then pull it back in

it just kept happening

oh no I have to stop I'm like thinking up how to interpret steven universe through Gnosticism this is it this is the end of me

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flourite must be really cheap, also, because you can buy so much of it for so little

what if I just fill my apartment with crystal skulls and orbs and things do you think seth will mind

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it's weird that uncle grandpa is bad because it hits a lot of the points on tv shows I normally life. Like weird magical old person who is a bad rolemodel is usually my jam but

I also really hate detached ironic humor a lot

lol I finally saw that uncle grandpa/steven universe crossover ep

[as an aside why is the first season like 50 million episodes long]

hahah I forgot uncle grandpa even existed. Boy that show sure was....................... bad

I assume SU fandom was so mad when it happened

ugh I've been up and down our stairs five times now today (third floor) so I'm done. building on fire? that's nice I'm done.

there's a big ass fenced in no leash dog park like ten feet from my apartment too goddamn you assholes

this huge dog full body barreled at me in the dang breeze way

man I am so sick of pet owners who don't leash their goddamn dogs

I started knitting a stuffed animal for the cat. Right now it's just deconstructed panels. I'll a picture when it's like actually more to look at.

It's gonna be a little blue whale because that seemed like an easy shape for someone who'd never made a knit toy before

I emailed archie for HALF A YEAR trying to get a refund for comics they were apparently never going to make. 90% of the time they didn't even bother to write me back.

I complained about it once on twitter and bam refund

man I really sucks how the only way you can get companies to do anything right is through public shaming. Must have been so much harder to do before smartphones made the internet ubiquitous too

all the fusion stuff in SU is really unsettling

it's like accidentally finding a friend's fetish account

I'd wear glasses in the shower if I could

what's being to tell if the bottle you are holding is shampoo or conditioner like

I need to get better about taking off my glasses when I go to sleep because I keep waking up with them on my chest or under me