aw the cap they put on my canine is marginally less long and fang like than my original tooth :( I'm only half a vampire now

here's some more fun camel information for you: camels are FROM the americas and crossed over to the old world over a land bridge, not the other way around. idk I think that's interesting

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I have information you need to know:

Llamas are camels

plnat things are always talkin about what the ph of your yard is but I have no idea? I guess there must be test strips you can buy or something

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the garden center across the highway has assloads of native plants, I'm very pleased by this so I signed up for a rewards program to get discounts. I'm gonna transform the fuck out of my front and back yard this year/next. I'm working with a blank slate here

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ok about 2 feet apart. plus I might need to get some pine needle mulch for them, interesting. should be drought tolerant once they're established :D plusssssssss

they attract butterflies. I'm very interested in making a butterfly garden for this fall. I wanna see them monarchs

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ok I got four different lantanas today so I gotta plant those tonight or tomorrow night. evening planting is best apparently from what I've read, gives plants more time to get comfy in the ground before the midday sun blasts them

just gotta read up on them, see how much space they need, also prepare a spot for them in the yard

Phantasm II is a huge let down. What the heck. The first movie was so stylish.

wow what a great movie and I'm just OBSESSED with the soundtrack now

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Watching phantasm for the first time. This movie's cool as hell. A+ soundtrack.

this new knowledge is not going to stop me from drawing that tho

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I mean it kinda does but not really. You can do it but the arms aren't long enough for it to look very natural

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now that I actually own a flight suit I can tell you that that thing people like to do where they draw characters wearing them with them zipped halfway down and the arms tied around their waists doesn't really work

there's a little bird sleepin up in the back porch uhhhh awning.. support... thing. cute

oh haw haw haw, automatically excused because I'm crazy, it finally came in handy. thanks, panic attack disorder

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this might just be me, because I had to take chewable penicillin for strep throat when I was in elementary school, but the second anything calls for blue cheese my mouth puckers up and hides under a rock. hard pass

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I just read a whole thing about the history of ambrosia salad cuz I got curious:

if it's TLDR for you at least scroll to the bottom for modern chef's HORRIFYING takes on trying to reinvent it.

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