Watch out Batman, watch out behind you! It's Hush and he's REALLY uninteresting! :O

Liquor stores are number one the best places to get boxes when you're moving, always remember this hot tip.

God damn it's windy and rainy outside. The balcony door keeps flexing and creaking. C.C

you ever just remember that the opening of Mr. Bean is him being beamed in from outer space and just need a moment to recover

I was not prepared for how jam packed with furry art the official US product safety commission twitter is

I finished a comic page so now I can be a lazy piece of shit the rest of the day


making seth quesadillas right now. Here's my current filling: I dice up grilled chicken, add some guacamole salsa, black beans extra spices (chili & cumin basically) and pickled jalapenos then I grill that mess with cheese in the tortillas.

I could see the rainbow one happening by accident since he can't see color at all. "what a cool pattern these grey suspenders have"

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I'm going with boring dark grey otherwise I'd have to change eliza's face to flabbergasted laughter sorry

she's all like trying to be seductive and shit but DOC NO WHY PFFTAHAHA WHAT

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I got a whole long ass link of pepper cheese sausage so I gotta keep making meals out of it til its gone.

browned up some onions and yellow bell peppers and the sausage now I've added penne pasta and some oil and a bunch of herbs and some parm. smells good.

I was gonna put mushrooms in it, I bought a package of baby portabellas, but they were frickin moldy. I got them today! >:C

I can't deal with how nice the silent hill guy is. he replies to people. he's so nice. he gives art advice and stuff. I hope people are nice back.

although that episode about the gender neutral race is uhhhh. It gets a rating of "You tried (but failed)"

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I'm always having to tell people to skip most of the first season and also the first episode of the second season. after that you're basically golden because there's some clunkers after that but they're just funny instead of wildly offensive

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me to people "TNG is great you should watch it :)"



It always feels like I'm in trouble. Constantly. No matter what. I wish I didn't live like this.

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