I went to this show years later and my future husband was at the same show (the next night) and I had no idea (because I didn't really know him yet)


hyenas clean their junk with one leg up in the air like a cat I thought you should know

augh why does it feel like there's just loose gravel in my jaws, like every time I chew I hear this gross gritty popping noise in my left ear make it stop

farewell and goodnight by the smashing pumpkins is a good song to listen to before bed I will stand by this simple fact until I die thank you

oh no now all the paintings have these weird side edge textures and it's completely fucking with my paintings because a lot of mine arent square shaped. I must find this texture and ERADICATE it (insert a transparent version into my pack)

I guess it WAS weird that that was the only part of the pack still in like a one sheet format, BUT STILL >:C

every time I open up minecraft it's a game of what part of my texture pack they broke this time. this time it was my paintings.

man door to door salesmen sure just all do that annoying ass shave and a hair cut knock

god what's even going on on ravelry that they had to make a no trump rule?

as far as I'm aware the only hinky thing happening there is there's groups of people super into knit suits as a fetish and they trick grandmas into complimenting their full body knitted suits, which is just funny really.

Jeeze Louise that first Fargo season was good.

holy shit

the planet coaster guys are making a zoo tycoon aaaa *grabby hands*

keep in mind I've got a screen layer over that finished bush here it is without that:

I should probably add a few more textures to it so it's a little more random. it's only got 2 right now


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