Harry Clarke (1881 - 1935) appreciation post! contains illustrations for edgar allen poe and faust, contents are macabre and occasionally grisly. I'll try and spoiler the ones that have blood in them.

Last post, also Faust. these were small page decorations and I think I love them most of all.

@DirkGrundy these are fantastically inspiring, i gotta try to copy this look

@wolfteeth I was thinking about giving that a go as well. there's a lot of interesting stuff to learn here, the emphasis on blocked out clothing shapes, bold patterns, and all the ribbon binding. love it. a lot of it reminds me of japanese woodblock prints, and I'm sure that's not really a coincidence

@DirkGrundy oooo I had a copy of this as a kid!! though that probably explains some things lmao.

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