this is now my favorite old ad I've ever found and the correct way to read it is to picture the little man there bouncing around and going "heh heh whee!" like a child.

@DirkGrundy Is "corpulence" the old-timey word for obesity?

@DirkGrundy Now I'm thinking how dumb stationary bikes must look to people of the distant past or distant future.

You mean... you just do a lot of exercise to go nowhere? You exert yourself on purpose for no purpose?

@DirkGrundy honestly love how it says bouncing around pretending to gallop with a saddle ride 'makes life worth living'

@DirkGrundy "you can carry it with you when you travel"

That's gotta be like 300 lbs right? Old timey mad men have a lot of confidence in their targets

@DirkGrundy The capitalisation of "ROOM" at the end killed me

@DirkGrundy I wonder if anyone ever went by their shop, having confused their address for Sherlock Holmes'

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