'Berlin, Take back control of your events'
Launch of the Mobilize.berlin alternative platform for events.
Jun. 18 at 17.00, Goerlitzer Park, Berlin-Kreuzberg.


Mobilize.Berlin is a decentralized, privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook Events, based on the Free and Open-Source Software @mobilizon developped by @Framasoft

Project started @ Chaos Communication Camp 2019. We document this example of what Free software communities and civil society can build together.

Interview with philosopher Evgeny Morozov, on the need for new digital infrastructures, economic models and imaginaries to give back control to the civil society.

We met the people of Mensch Meier, a famous club in Berlin, to talk about alternatives to Facebook for events promotion, such as @mobilizon, @Mastodon and the @fediverse. They had first made the choice not to be on Facebook. They were surprised to see Facebook bots creating unofficial pages for them, forcing them to hire lawyers to reclaim their pages. They were pushed to join Facebook 3 years ago after the raise of rents but seemed open to try alternatives. Thanks to them for the discussion

A group of artists, event organizers and free software enthusiasts plan to set up a Mobilizon instance for alternative events in Berlin. Mobilizon is part of the @fediverse and thus compatible with Mastodon.
Talk at the rC3:

@mobilizon is developed by the NGO @Framasoft

Interviews in covid times. Meeting Richard Stallman. Boston - Berlin. Disappear documentary

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I’m back home after an interview for a documentary, it is nice how warm it is at home

Data Ich is a popular song about mass surveillance, part of the documentary Nothing to Hide (2017). Its author Max Thommes was subjected to a 30 days surveillance experiment


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#gnuHU lädt im Kontext der Online-Veranstaltung “Digitale Autonomie durch Freie Software" (hu.berlin/digiauton2020-21) zum gleichnamigen #Gastvortrag mit Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Gerwinski (peter.gerwinski.de/ - HS Bochum, Professur für Hardwarenahe IT-Systeme: hochschule-bochum.de/cvh/hardw).

Zeit: Do, 19. Nov. 2020, 19:00-21:00 c.t.

Ort und Details: Siehe den entsprechenden Abschnitt im Moodle-Kurs der Veranstaltung: moodle.hu-berlin.de/course/vie


¹ hu.berlin/gnuHU/

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Free software activism successes in France with Pouhiou and Eda Nano
framatube.org/videos/watch/1e3 #freesw #framasoft #peertube

This presentation featured Pouhiou from Framasoft, and Eda Nano, board member of April and member of La Quadrature Du Net. The conversation is an enthusiastic discussion of PeerTube and other free software initiatives in France, as well as some insights into the motivations of the two activists.

Together with a group of Berlin based artists, students, and event organizers we want to open a Berlin instance of the new federated event platform Mobilizon @mobilizon (part of @fediverse) and get people out of the Facebook Events. We are looking for people to help us with the installation, maintenance, code of conduct etc.
@gnuHU_linux @clubdiscordia @cryptoparty_berlin @reclaim_club_culture

Update 6 : Latest news about our documentary DISAPPEAR dealing with online self-defence.
The film will be aired on the European broadcaster ARTE!



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