Together with a group of Berlin based artists, students, and event organizers we want to open a Berlin instance of the new federated event platform Mobilizon @mobilizon (part of @fediverse) and get people out of the Facebook Events. We are looking for people to help us with the installation, maintenance, code of conduct etc.
@gnuHU_linux @clubdiscordia @cryptoparty_berlin @reclaim_club_culture

- offer events organizers and communities in Berlin the possibility to organize events, protecting privacy and rights of their users
- give the possibility to crosspost events on both Facebook and Mobilizon
- give people the option to attend an event seen on Facebook outside of Fb
- raise awareness around the federation and the process of creating an instance in a documentary (ARTE, 6 languages)

@fleeky @fediverse @gnuHU_linux @clubdiscordia @cryptoparty_berlin @reclaim_club_culture

really great list , i think this is about as good as you can hope for, i do think you will need to have some exclusivity atleast for some things "we advertise by not advertising!" but i suppose every event is different. i may be doing some circus shows in sf this year and am very perplexed as to how to get people to come when i have essentially forsaken all mainstream forms of promotion..

@Disappear_Doc @fediverse @gnuHU_linux @clubdiscordia @cryptoparty_berlin @reclaim_club_culture

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