chers followers,
suite à la fatigue de l'instance, je migre également vers une autre,
Vous pouvez donc me suivre sur mon nouveau compte
merci de votre compréhension :-)

ha ma colonne de gauche (home) semble etre a la bourre d'une 20aine de minutes. les 2 autres (notification et timeline) sont ok. suis je le seul ? :D

rohlalaaa, je reçois de ces ....
"cliquez vite ici pour être le 1er à acquerir gratuitement cette base de 3 millions d'emails"

Everything is working now.

Instances list will be available soon, sorry.

I'll fix IPv6 problems tomorrow.

@wilkie 3 app servers right now, 1 db server, 1 file storage server. I might need to spin up one more app server :thinking:

@nielsk is clustered between 5 virtual private servers

The instance is under extremely heavy load, I don't do tracking so I don't know where exactly people are coming from but I know there's been a few high profile mentions of Mastodon in media/on Twitter. If this keeps up I will scale up further (I know all the arguments about this instance growing too big in the federation, but if the internet is already at your doorstep, should you go down or scale up? Scale up imo)

Mastodon hosters ! There is an issue with lasts commits that makes some pages responding with an 500 error (about/*, settings/* and admin/* found so far). Mastodon still *fully* working if you are logged. (web/* pages)
I created an issue on GitHub :
If you have the same issue, I wrote which commit you have to check out to temporary fix the issue.

I'm setting up a new server for this instance tonight.

If you want to donate a bit to support me:

(Bitcoin address & page on the Patreon page)

Thanks a lot! :)

par contre je suis impressionné du nombre d'instances qui ont vu le jour récemment <3

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