Trying to remember how the Internet works because the ISP is down.

The sax player for the Tedeschi Trucks Band sure knows how to make it sound like a goat that’s being strangled. He can make it sound good too. Not sure why the strangled goat bit was important but he sure thought it was.

Always nice to get an email out of the blue from a vendor saying “You May have heard we’ve been hacked. We haven’t been hacked.”

I don’t believe you.

Why of course I’d love my computer to power off for patch installation when I’ve turned around for a five minute conversation.

Whoa. 35-year-old vuln in scp client inherited from rcp. Client only looks for directory traversal, not number of files xferred. If you scp a file into your homedir you could get a bonus file (eg .bash_command) that will get exec’d next shell launch.

Just realized that Millard Fillmore looks like he could’ve been one of the Baldwin brothers.

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Theory: If you have a failed/ing battery on your MacBook Pro the OS won’t tell you. Obviously the OS knows, there are tons of sensors in these batteries, but Apple doesn’t want to tell the user the battery is bad because it’s not supposed to be user serviceable. So instead it just lets the machine degrade and randomly crash to force the user to bring it in. Unless you are like me and take your laptop apart because you think the SSD is failing only to find a battery balloon.

And in poo news, wombats poop cubes. But only in the wild.

I think this is the best thing in National Geographic since the Murdochs took over.

Woke up wondering why my alarm didn’t go off. Whatever. Plenty of time to get to work before the 9:00 meeting. Showered. Getting dressed, noticed I hadn’t done my laundry over the weekend. Huh. What happened to make me skip doing laundry on Sunday... checked calendar.

Felt like a dumbass.

Continued getting dressed.

Put on a polo shirt as if it’s a Monday.


For reasons not worth going into, wrote a scraper to grab all original Bloom County comics, just so I could find this one. (Link to original source). Next step... OCR all of them so I can more easily search on phrases? Are there any vaguely satisfactory *free* OCR implementations you’d recommend?

"You mean they actually vote for the lizards?"
"Oh yes," said Ford with a shrug, "of course."
"But," said Arthur, going for the big one again, "why?"
"Because if they didn't vote for a lizard," said Ford, "the wrong lizard might get in. Got any gin?"

I doubt this alone is worth a trip to Sweden, but if you’re in the neighborhood it might be worth a visit.

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The movie Baahubali (on Netflix) has some absolutely epic, awful, and amazing fight scenes. I preferred it in original Tamil with English subtitles (there's also a version dubbed in Hindi, but I found that distracting). Watch 30 seconds from this point, and if you're not hooked, you won't be.

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uspol, news 

just saw the term "vanifesto"

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Do Lyft drivers prefer Max Tip or 5 ⭐️ in other words if you are a bad driver which one do I ding? Your cash or your reputation?

PSA: ”Medium” salsa doesn’t seem so medium when it goes up your nose.

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