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Virginia Scottish Games and Festival.

Even storm troopers like ice cream.

“Don’t tell my boss it’s not chocolate. I still love the dark side, but I wanted strawberry .”

/me checks

Yup, still fewer nazis here than twitter. Good.

Less content too. Bad. Sigh.

I just re-read this Twain short story. I remember reading it the first time thinking “It could never happen.”

Oh well.

I continue to be amazed the Internet works at all.

> Knowing that I could do “indirect communication” over BGP now, I wanted to somehow use this to conduct some non conventional communication. I picked Battleships as a medium to test this in, since the communication required to play a battleship game is tiny (X and Y coordinates and if the last shot was a hit or a miss)

> Two communities were produced that would allow me run a game of battleships over BGP

Plenty of weird things seen at AwesomeCon: costumes, art, merch. Strangest is that the CIA and “Nugg Life” have booths within feet of each other.

Well, that explains it.

> Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the authors note, played a 14-hour marathon of Call of Duty before deciding to invade Iraq. And the 9/11 hijackers spent an “unhealthy” amount of time exploring the last few levels of the classic Doom video game, which the authors say presents “a clear connection between Islam and video games and also violence.”

If only we had known beforehand.

That moment when it’s 20 minutes past bedtime and you finally decide what you want for dinner and it would take 6+ hours to make it.

Damn, I want some ribs.

For fucks sake windows. If you’re going to reboot my machine for me, at least do me the courtesy of installing all the patches. I sat down to get shit done, not state at your “Look, I did something!” screen.

And never fucking autolaunch Edge, either.

Headline: “Lindsey Vonn scatters grandfather's ashes in PyeongChang”

My brain: “What the hell kind of winter sport is THAT?”

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Other than bird site where do people get their infosec news without missing stuff or getting tons of ‘off topic’ stuff? For me a mailing list would be ideal, are there any left out there?

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“I wish there was a place that was smokier than the shittiest Vegas casino and sounded like a hockey arena after a goal but all the time.”

let me introduce you to pachinko parlors

Just woke up from a nap. I would donate $1K US to any candidate or party that promises to limit leaf blower volume.

The reason Prof Falken got a toe hold with Genl Berringer is because the first strike didn’t make sense. That’s no longer the case.

I don’t care if 45 was playing golf. Among the things I would like to know is if he attempted to respond. If he failed at codes, then there is literally no question about 25th amendment.

Oh god. Tell me this is some guy trolling on FD.

Also... is the onboard ARM CPU vulnerable to speculative execution?

RFC 959 secs and 5.2 make it clear that the FTP pizza thief attack and firewall bypass were by design.

> The user may want a file dumped on a TAC line printer or retrieved from a third party host.

Just because it was designed that way doesn’t mean it’s not a bug.

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