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Re: actix-web maintainership crisis 

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self-hosting culture is doing a quick refresh on your fedi timeline as you walk out the door to a cafe so you can be sure your ISP didn't change your IP since your last DNS update so you can SSH into your home server to get some work done from the cafe.
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git-via-email workflow tip:

On GitHub, many users will push several commits to their branch to build up one cohesive change gradually, with bug fixes, style fixes, and so on, along the way. In this workflow, the pull request itself acts as a container for the entire change, rather than each commit.

Technically this isn't a great habit for GitHub either, but with email the drawbacks are particularly stark. Trying to replicate this flow for email will have you sending a bunch of "fix typo" commits to a mailing list, entering them all into the record forever. Instead, so long as your original patches are unmerged, you should go back and rebase them to merge bug fixes into earlier commits. Accordingly, you shouldn't take your changes upstream until they're good and ready and tested, as to minimize this churn. Good commit discipline is especially important for email-driven projects.

If you need a refresher on rebasing:

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Imagine not putting stickers on your ThinkPad

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if you experience a collapse in local euclidian geometry, dial 1-800-MC-ESCHR

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I wonder how much of the death of the "unix way" of having lots of tiny binaries that each do one thing has to do with the ever-rising relative cost of TLB and cache misses due to the fact that CPU pipelines have become so deep, and the slowness of memory relative to the CPU.

One can imagine CPU makers might have pursued a different path had they not been targeting Windows for so long.

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@tinker The whole reason I got into linux and open source was because I was broke and needed a new computer. I found one at Free Geek, a computer non-profit recycler, which refurbishes old computers. They only put Xubuntu on them. I was worried that Linux was going to be too hard for me, but I really needed a cheap computer so I took the chance. They said they used Linux specifically so they wouldn't have to pay Microsoft! Linux wasn't too hard to learn and now I love it.

@technomancy how much is a presoldered kit for your atreus but without switches

sorry if you've answered this question a billion times and I missed it

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People said a lot of arrogant, ignorant shit inside Google, but nothing tops "We keep the Internet free." No. First you took over the Internet, then you polluted it with ads. Ads are like people who do $500 worth of damage to steal $5 worth of copper pipe. But they end up crowding out the decent stuff because the payment cartels have prevented the creation of a decent micropayment system, and the sheer volume of ad-supported trash crowds out all the decent truly free stuff.

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Today's lesson: Medium is bad. They've suspended our account and blocked access to all our published stories for bogus reasons and with only 12 hours notice.

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Medium needs to stop doing this, or people need to stop using Medium.

It's a website that hosts blogs.

That you read.

it doesn't need your Fooglebaceook account.

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Hey @Gargron, great work on Mastodon 2.3.0!! Self-search and toot export! The thumbnail cropper that no billion dollar social media startup managed to innovate! I'm so excited about it that I'm doubling the [admittedly tiny 😕] amount that I donate to the project.

I'm sorry to hear you have encountered some negative feedback (due to misinformation?) Don't be discouraged! You're doing great!

Keep it up! 😎👍

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It's been neat to watch PWAs go from this weird thing the Chrome team was pushing, to a handful of "hello world" apps, to some impressive apps for emerging markets like Flipkart and Konga, to a mainstream thing that all browsers are embracing and big players like Twitter and Instagram are building for as well.

BTW fun fact: every Mastodon instance is its own PWA. 😁

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I'm starting to suspect the gmail team doesn't even test with Firefox anymore. Editor regressions keep piling up, don't seem to get fixed.

The biggest disadvantage in my super custom programming toolkit consisting of:

Tricked out tmux
Tricked out Vim

Is the fact that every new dev who wants to learn from me has to be taught that I'm certainly crazy and they should not focus on any of those things until MUCH later

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Made a decision a long time ago that I’d never be Great.

Great implies specialization. I like to learn a wide swath of things!

Great implies personal sacrifice. I like spending my evenings with kids and Saturdays on tinkering projects.

I’ll be Competent. I like being Good.

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> every library should have a good science fiction and fantasy section

> Predictable Success
> JavaScript: The Good Parts
> Flawless Consulting
> Effective XML
> Real World Haskell
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What school teachers taught us: Dont use Wikipedia AT ALL.

What I learned: Wikipedia is a great springboard for real Research®

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@jk i didnt realise anybody did that, everyone i know doubled down insisting that the creator was, in fact, wrong, and should probably have never invented it

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