I sure did just spend a half an hour unpacking the first line of Neuromancer for someone who doesn't understand it and realizing how perfectly it works as a metaphor for the protagonist's mood: 

Case is condemned to the real world, his capacity for entering cyberspace burnt out forever. He is a broken television, that cannot tune in to any channels at all; stuck in meatspace, he feels he has no more reason to live, and knows he will probably be dead soon.

"The sky above the port was the color of a television tuned to a dead channel."

Gotta love that packed prose.

And now it's changed color again: what's a dead channel any more? Your new "smart" TV, it's just gonna be a quiet screen full of icons for different streaming service's apps, maybe a couple of ads clamoring silently for your attention at the border, because we live in fucking Pohl & Kornbluth's "Space Merchants".

Does anyone remember how to search Mastodon for people you follow on Twitter?

I’m going to predict that in the next couple years, we’ll see a subscription based Moderation as a Service for community owners startup.

Moderators will sign up to work gig-economy style and be compensated accordingly.

Y’all should unionize right now, before it happpens.

Sadly, Captain Poggers was shot down by a Nazi BabyRage in 1944 and spent the rest of the war in a P.O.W. camp run by Colonel Lars von Wutface.

(Image by @Stedilnik on Twitter)

I've got a couple of old graphics cards lying around and I'd love to b able to donate them to someplace that could use them. But I haven't a clue where that could be.

Today in Low Effort Image Macros, a sad amphibian bemoans his choice of beverages.


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