Food, Thanksgiving 

@Rowyn Most folks forget to have at least one other meal during the day. Usually a big, hearty breakfast, so you don't spend the morning and early afternoon watching TV while looking at one another like they're the next member of the Donner Party on the menu.

@ihorner When it gets too big to fit on the phone, we'll know they're serious.

@anthracite Joyous natal anniversary felicitations! Tomorrow is mine! @wheeeee....

mh, upsetting, Twitter mention (-) 

@Phorm What artist? I watch so many.

SA Mention, Death Mention, Snark 

@Soreth @Phorm And Florsheim has pointy-toed slippers for half off.

Phorm Doesn't Understand Lingo 

@Phorm Only just learned about the new meaning today.

We gettin' old...


Remember: LED stands for Light Emitting /Diode./ A diode is a device that only lets electricity pass in one direction.

I'm just surprised the manufacturer didn't make it so the bulb could only go in one way. Classic Murphy's Law situation.

Furry world commission problems 

@Phorm The queue being full is the only part that should be automated, since it's the only one based on a non-subjective reason. Not telling you if it's a subjective reason is just wasting everyone's time and resources.


About double the length. Of course, we're a suburb of Los Angeles. And I am upset that it's contribution to the 70's porn scene (seriously, half the porn made in the US at the time came from here) has been completely ignored.

Food crime, Sugar Abomination, Taken from Birdsite, 

@Phorm Even KFC bowls have more coherence than that imbalanced collection of calories.

There used to be a chain of Ice Cream parlors called Farrel's (one or two may still exist) that had a menu item called "The Works." It was a scoop of every flavor of ice cream they had in a single huge bowl, covered with every topping they had.

/This/ makes that look like a kids meal.

@anthracite @Phorm Given the amount of masochism required to get that reward, it's probably a gimp suit.

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