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Socialism is the answer !
Socialists are the solutions !

Carrot and stick policy is a favourite tool of this government.

Government of Jharkhand hides its failures through lynchings of Muslims !

What a disgrace jharkhand is as a state....19 years of age still locals here suffer from hunger and malnutrition while outsiders are busy exploiting us...

Jharkhand is the richest state of India but the Political masters here are rats who don't see the potential and instead are busy filling up their greedy stomachs.

Jail all ex-ministers and ex and current officers of jharkhand...
These cocksucking sons of dicksucking bitches have made Jharkhand a heaven of corruption !

Delhi, you take my breath away. Literally!

@Itsmedinesh You are asking me if I'm a girl right? 😉

Nop, I'm just a simple dude haha 😆 I wish! The woman hold the REAAAAL power in this world! #GirlPower

I always say: Behind every 'mighty' world leader there's a woman at home who tells him what to do! 😆

I honestly think that in some cases it would be better to let a woman 'rule'!

Take Trump for example.. I personally always compare him to a little child with a nuclear gun.

Don't get me wrong, many men are doing a great job as leaders but we have a thing to make somewhat 'rash decisions' in some situations. I think women can see the 'whole situation' more clearly somehow..

At least this is what I learned from my relationships! Never take a/your woman for granted!

Stand for the National Anthem in a theatre and then beg for an American citizenship.

Show respect for your country that systemically keeps 30% of it's children in hunger because they're lowborn.

Respect the National flag which is designed to show religious breakup of the country when we are supposed to be secular and socialist.

That is how hollow it all is. Indian Nationalism is Hindu Nationalism which is as fake as the religion itself.

JNU is on the verge of becoming a thing again.

Conveniently, it's around the same time in Modi's second term as it was in his first term.

The bhakt driven fervour is building up against a bunch of students who will be demonized and the whole nation will be distracted from the government's failures.

RSS - Cultural organisation that promotes secularism.
CIA - Think tank that spreads democracy.

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