My son was asked to make a model of the solar system, so we did. It took 7 miles to make a scale model. We measured in relation to the sun being 2m. wide in the middle of his playground & found objects the right diameter for each planet and took photos of them the right distance away. Walking this gave some semblance of scale. The distances and diameters of each object-planet are under the cards.

This homework was fun for parents too. It was based on

@lauraritchie I have in the back of my mind a 'discover the solar system' project for the town where I live - the Sun would be at the intersection with the highway, and the planets would be at intervals on the road through the town (and would go out the other side, because it's not that big a town).

@Downes I'll happily send the distances! My husband spent AGES recalculating them so we 1. could actually find objects the right size and 2. so it aligned with landmarks that 11 year olds would recognise. :) It would be a great town project.


@lauraritchie Best line in the video: when you stand at the marble earth, the model sun is the same size as the rising sun, so you know the proportions are correct.

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@Downes yep. Our model was a 2metre sun, theirs was 1.5 if you did it in town where a sunrise is visible I’d go for the 1.5 metre sun. I’ll get you numbers this evening

@lauraritchie Cool, thanks. We have a visible sunrise but I don't think it ever rises where it would need to rise in order to do this comparison (the road from the highway runs north, so the sunrise would have to be in the south. :( ).

@Downes numbers to match the youtube film model:
Sun 1.5m across
diameter of planets and distance from sun:
Mercury .525cm 68m
Venus 1.25cm 120m
Earth 1.35cm 176m
Mars .675cm 269m
Jupiter 15cm 920m
Saturn 12.375cm 1.7km
Uranus 5.475cm 3.4km
Neptune 5.325cm 5.6km

It would make a fun cycle route. :)

@x28de @lauraritchie heh - the Solar System has a zigzag turn between Mars and Jupiter, and a tractor at Saturn.

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