Fuck Off!

To hell with algorithms.
I don't want algorithms.
They are anti-stories.
I want imagination
Rooted in fact.
That's the story I need.
And you.
And you?



Stories are very small
And one-dimensional
And not complex
One view
Instead of many
Do not give me a tale
Give me a world

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with image and text and caption, responding to Stephen

@Downes @tellio

My 2D stories
come from a life
lived in multi-dimensions.

All the corners,
all the nasty corners
come out in the stories.

This fake digital representation
you call 3D
how can that measure up?

Response for

@wentale @Downes @tellio

Some of the things from me
Will be stories told in 3D .
Early in their development
I use digital code to represent
What later they will really be.


I nurse a soda through the day as I work. I've finally made a truly practical #3DPrinting to keep the can in reach and safe from falling off the arm of my sofa.


@Algot @Downes @tellio
Algot, you may not realise but your adventures in have been inspirational to me. I'm currently working on a training package for operators for a serious (advancedmanufacturing.cdu.edu.) and our occasional convo here has helped.

@wentale @Downes @tellio

That printer sounds awesome.

Have you gotten to actually use it while developing the training package?

*rubbing my hands together, imagining one of these in my workspace*

@Algot @Downes @tellio Unfortunately not! It is based on a different campus to myself (1,200km North)....so hoping to get to see it sometime this year. I'll post a selfie at that time!

@tellio @Algot I finally got to geek out with the SPEE3D metal printer! Printing (cold spray) with copper, aluminium or titanium powder is next level 3d printing!

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