@ton @SHD_Berlin @jgmac1106 @chendricks @katebowles @dadegroot @lauraritchie @Tdorey @sleslie Hoping many of you might attend @IndieWebCamp Online 3/9-3/10 indieweb.org/2019/Online we can all hack on tools for learning with blogs (on an IndieWeb version of untappd...might do that instead)

@jgmac1106 sadly not I, though sounds like fun. I only have gadfly status in online learning any more


@sleslie @jgmac1106 I'm not sure anyone has any status in online learning any more. I'm wondering, maybe it's not even a discipline any more. There's learning analytics and open pedagogy and experience design, etc., but I'm not sure there's a cohesive community looking at what we used to call ed tech or e-learning.

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@Downes @sleslie and IndieWebCamp not just teaching at all. About returning to the vision of the web where we build our own homes rather than rent from silos

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