Given the recent debacle, it looks like we'll be taking off

Blog post soon, but we can't and won't support this kind of behaviour.


@dajbelshaw Remember when everybody was jumping to GitLab because Microsoft bought GitHub?

It should be noted that this ethos (or lack of ethos) is true for all of open source. The whole point of open source is that there are no restrictions on who uses the software.

I've never really been comfortable with this, but I've not ever found a way to reconcile this contradiction.

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@Downes Well I don't speak on behalf of all of my team, and we'll discuss this in the next team meeting, but I'd point to a difference between OSS and *hosted* OSS.

As you point out, there's nothing you can do to prevent people using your OSS in a terrible way if they're hosting it (although we do have a bit of a workaround with the Moodle 'mothership' in the MoodleNet setup)

If *you're* hosting those terrible, people, though? That's a problem, I'd say.

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