A question I have is whether the pandemic will mean a slow-down or pause in tech-innovation?
Innovation in part is based on serendipity, on the pseudo-random meeting and interaction of people, ideas, skills, capital etc. Now we've had a year of reduction of movement and social dynamics.




@ton nope. Not even going to slow down; if anything, it will speed up.

Contrary to popular belief, people did not stop interacting in 2020. If anything, there was more, especially of the random unplanned sort, as people who never used to leave their comfort zone started interacting online.

Also, the pace of tech hasn't slowed. The builders are still building - this year, they're at an even faster pace.

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@Downes the building I've seen (and mentioned in the link). The random unplanned interaction you see having grown bc more 'introverts' entered the mix? How would one go about trying to see such effects, and in which data?

@ton I love how my answer in Mastodon shows up as a comment on your blog post. Can you describe how you did that?

@Downes it uses Webmentions. I post from my blog to mastodon, and Brid.gy checks my mastodon (and twitter) for responses and sends them to my webmention endpoint. Posting to mastodon i do with a wordpress plugin, webmention is also a plugin.

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