July 24, 2021. This is the gravel bike and tent (unstaked) test set-up. The bike is cleaned and oiled and the bags have been fitted into place and tested. The tend fits into the handlebar bag; I'll be putting heavy stuff into the frame bag, clothes, food and bedding in the rear panniers, and bicycle repair stuff in the saddle bag. On Monday we're headed for Tremblant and I'll take it for a test ride on the trail. We'll get back Friday and my bicycle trip will begin some time the following week.

@Downes you going solo? Do you have a plan or is it just blowing where the wind and whim takes you? What an amazing adventure you have set out ahead. (or by the time I'm actually replying you may be midway through!)

@lauraritchie Haven't left yet - some time later next week (like maybe the 5th). Going on my own. Two or (preferably) three weeks. I have a rough route outlined, but I'm not committed to it. It's basically a triangle between home, Belleville and Pembroke (I'll throw up a map later) along gravel trails where railways used to be through rough Canadian Shield country (think forests, lakes and rocky hills). Camping wherever I can.


@lauraritchie Thgis is a big gear and training run for *next* year on Anticosti Island.

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