I was just informed it is Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee. Are we supposed to feign interest in a monarchy—by definition composed mostly of people of no particular merit—that has long had no purpose and should be dissolved posthaste?


@fncll I think of it as being similar to a sport I don't follow, but which is fairly popular. It's hard to get away from it, because they cover it on TV and people talk about it. There are even some government subsidies for buildings and such. But it also creates a lot of jobs and generates a certain amount of tourism and such. Does it pay for itself? Don't really know. But it's mostly harmless and a lot of fun for a lot of people, so I remain indifferent.

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I don’t know. It appears the real cost (not just the Royal Grant vs discrete income) is substantial. But more than that, I’m not so sure the monarchy is “mostly harmless” when it comes to knock-on social effects.

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