Photos from yesterday's 7k walk through the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary on the St. Lawrence River, about 40 km from here. As usual, the set of full-sized images is here:

So I did 107 km on a warm, calm and partly cloudy day, cycling down to the islands in the St. Lawrence River and back.

When the air is just right, the outdoors feels like the indoors.

Like now.

Photos from the Glengarry Pioneer Fair in Dunvegan today. Hard to believe all this is from only 120 - 140 years ago.

Bikepacking parts 1 and 2 combined. 670 total km over 14 days cycling (and some rest days).

Brilliant red sun (because of smoke from forest fires) at sunset at Ferris Provincial Park, situated on top of a drumlin.

Home again. Where I planned to cycle (blue) vs where I cycled (red). Good lesson in planning in that.

I'm in a hotel room tonight, but last night I shared a spot of the wilderness with a pair of beavers.

I'm on the way! First 10km completed. Here's the bicycle in full gear. So far so good, hoping it holds out.

Bottle Gentian with grass and raindrops, top of Mont Tremblant

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