100% my thoughts on the #Auckland mayoral race and why there is only ONE choice, for me, for mayor and that is @efesocollins.

this city deserves a community focused collaborative mayor that brings people together, not a hatchet man that wants to gut everything and burn bridges.
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So I've voted in the Auckland local body elections: the envelopes will be in the ballot box at Countdown by now. I've voted for Efeso C…

One risk cannot be removed: it does not seem possible to rule out the possibility that the American intelligence services can force Microsoft to hand over data on the basis of legislation. Privacy Company's recommendation is therefore that said organizations should not use Microsoft's services for the exchange or storage of sensitive and special personal data. www-agconnect-nl.translate.goo

So, we’ve got at least one Voices For Freedom candidate standing for Porirua City Council in our ward and for mayor. Nicole Foss. Hosts podcast on their website about “global factors at play with respect to the imminent multi-systems failure on the horizon … all within the context of the COVID-19 response.” The last thing we need in local government here! Spread the word.

This little browser game where you make music with New Zealand animal sounds... So fun! It deserves some attention imo #nztwits


Video is what I did on my lunch break

"Nextcloud could easily become a drop-in replacement for the likes of either Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. I’ve been using Nextcloud since its early days and I am confident that just about anyone can benefit from this platform!" @jlwallen


Can't believe it's taken so long for people in NZ to question the gov't's (anything-but-NZ-owned-and-run) 'Cloud First' policy for offshoring NZer data with US-owned megacorporates like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/ I'm appalled that our gov't ever thought this was ok given that those corporations are beholden to the US Cloud and Patriot Acts.

I am still at the point of new relationship energy where "Just heating up soup and thinking of you ❤ hope your day is going well" is enough to put a big smile on my face.

Sorry, I'm probably going to be gross and insufferable for a little while yet.

Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, and I certainly don't have a head for international realpolitik, but sometimes I wonder if summoning city-burning gamma demons from Oppenheimer Hellspace is really something that nice people should do

Grace Jones does some outstanding covers but this nightmarishly dubbed out Joy Division cover really is chefs kiss. #MusicTuesday

She's Lost Control (Long Version)


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The Ōtākaro / Avon River has decided to have a field trip.

Hope you're staying dry out there, .

From a "serious" discussion at work...

- i wouldn't even be surprised if Shelley wrote syntactically valid perl

- Yeats is more of a TypeScript guy.
It's fine when you're writing it, but in runtime things fall apart, the centre cannot hold; mere ES6 is loosed upon the world. The webpack tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of type-hinting is drowned. The best lack all closure, and the worst are full of passionate [Object object].

Have just cannibalised dinner out of a canned soup and a packet of dal makhani. Ugly but tasty :-)

...And just like that: a big in-flight project for an important client with an August deadline. Somewhere, a monkey's paw may be curling.

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Clearing my week for jury duty and having it canceled makes this between-big-projects time feel even more like limbo than usual. That said, having time to tend to the back burners isn't all bad either.

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