This thought brought to you by Javascript:

Me: {foo:1}.foo
JS: that's easy, 1
Me: {foo:1}.bar
JS: also easy, undefined. Any property that doesn't exist is undefined.

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Holding in that CFP idea? Don't be shy - let it out! The CFP is only open until 15 Aug!

"Human progress isn’t measured by industry. It’s measured by the value you place on a life. An unimportant life. A life without privilege. The boy who died on the river, that boy’s value is your value. That’s what defines an age, that’s… what defines a species. "

#DoctorWho #Quotes

7,500 people sleeping rough on San Francisco streets.

I know when I visited Seattle in 2002 the first thing that jarred me was seeing beggars on the streets next to shiny defense/tech company headquarters, and that was several trillion dollars ago.

Oh. The head of Interpol is Chinese, and has just vanished while visiting China.

Is that a big deal? It sounds like a big deal.

Is "developer compersion" a thing? The kind of happy feeling you get when you see people whose efforts and talents you appreciate, helping each other out or collaborating on stuff. It should be a thing.

Having taught courses in both JavaScript and Python this week, I once more reaffirm my respect for teachers who do this kind of thing every day of every school week. Teaching and teaching well is challenging work!

I think what a lot of people are realizing is that going independent and reclaiming one's online space is hard, hard work. Probably more so than people expected after reading a 'why you should self host' post.

And no doubt, it hard. Taking responsibility for your space is no easy task, not to even mention being responsible for someone else's space.

The future is probably not as sexy as we hoped it would be.

But what a lot of people underestimate is that we are realizing this _together_

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Tolkien, but with orcs replaced with orcas, throughout.

uk pol 

so turns out the tories broke quite a severe electoral law

long story short, they paid a call centre to do canvassing on their behalf (illegal) and also made said call centre pose as a fake research company (illegal), calling voters in marginal seats, asking loaded questions designed to make them vote conservative (illegal) under the guise of conducting polling research

this could potentially be huge

misquoto, n. Small flying insect that bites people and injects garbled quotations from famous figures into their social media feed

Literally who in tech decided that it was a good idea, about five years ago, to make Silicon Valley's unofficial message and motto 'We are building the robots that will take all your jobs. We are billionaires who are going to space and you are all going to starve. Thanks for your contribution!'

Did anyone run this by marketing AT ALL

Facebook helped advertisers target teens who feel “worthless”

“Facebook's algorithms can determine, and allow advertisers to pinpoint, ‘moments when young people need a confidence boost.’”

Can estimate when teens feel “worthless,” “insecure,” “defeated,” “anxious,” “silly,” “useless,” “stupid,” “overwhelmed,” “stressed,” and “a failure.”



If we live in a simulation, and the source code lives somewhere, do black holes happen when pull requests have merge conflicts?

In discussion of names on Mastodon, a Twitter friend used the phrase "squatting across the entire Federation". Which naturally made me think of...

Nearly 7pm, and I'm already getting to the "take my tablet out of its case so it hurts less if I nod off and hit myself in the face with it" level of tired.

RESTive web service: something that could be RESTful, if only the API could stand still for long enough.


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