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Do we need a new political party based on Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
This party will be true to above values unlike our current lot.
@omairahmad @DilliDurAst @Memeghnad @imMAK02 @ikaveri @IrenaAkbar @rupagulab @sanjayuvacha @SidrahDP @nikhil_thatte @Deepsealioness please boost this

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They say, 'Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty' and i agree. Fighting for Republic of India that is mirror image of our Constitution against the Fascist forces that currently control my nation and my people.

**Americans to fly home from coronavirus-hit cruise; China says new cases slow**

"U.S. officials in hazmat suits boarded a cruise liner on Sunday to fly home Americans quarantined for two weeks off Japan, while China said measures such as locking down megacity Wuhan had at last slowed th…"

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**Italy's Conte denies he is putting together a new coalition**

"Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte denied on Sunday he was looking to put together a new coalition after relations with the small Italia Viva party disintegrated. "

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**Taiwan confirms first coronavirus death on island, cases at 20**

"A taxi driver has died from the coronavirus in Taiwan, marking the first such death on the island and the fifth fatality outside mainland China from an epidemic that has curbed travel and disrupted global supply chains. "

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**French health minister to be picked by Macron's party to run for Paris mayor**

"French health minister Agnes Buzyn will be selected by President Emmanuel Macron's party to run for Paris mayor after the previous candidate pulled out over a sexting scandal, a source close to the rulin…"

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**Rouhani says Iran will never yield to U.S. pressure for talks**

"Iran will never hold talks with the United States under pressure, President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday, adding that Tehran's help was essential in establishing security in the Middle East. "

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**Questions outnumber answers for generations of refugees as Afghan peace deal nears**

"A short drive from the heavily secured five-star Islamabad hotel where international VIPs will discuss the future of Afghan refugees on Monday, 20-year old Ahmed Khan Younis li…"

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RT Bhakton ke liye koi sunni shia nahi. Jab time aayega toh sab ko Muslim bol ke kat lenge. Yeh baat Wasim ji ko samajh mein nahi aayi.

Please join us for a protest against the this Saturday afternoon 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM at Jantar Mantar, Delhi

...because, in these dark times, to be silent is to be guilty of complicity

@TheDonkeySays Re our work with farmers. We have adopted a village. Train them in crop selection, best practices, micro nutrients, govt. schemes, crop specific programs.
My endeavor is to have a direct farmer-consumer link. Tough but can be done.
Wish me luck 🙂
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Dear fellow Indians, do not look to any of our alleged ‘public intellectuals’ to save us from turning into a shitty Hindu rashtra. Most threw us into this shit by praising Snoopendra in 2014, & now they enjoy wringing their hands & trashing the INC. Let’s fight for ourselves.

Why does a party that brings in policy after policy to ghettoise and disenfranchise India's muslims get 90% of corporate funds? What does this tell us about the relationship between India Inc & divisive politics?

Why do@TataCompanies@twitter.activitypub.actort@anandmahindra@twitter.activitypub.actori@reliancegroup@twitter.activitypub.actory to ghettoise and disenfranchise India's muslims get 90% of corporate funds? What does this tell us about the relationship between India In…

Not all of them. Many of them kick the only other national party harder. These include the likes of Ram Guha, PB Mehta, Hartosh Singh Bal, Praveen Swami, Yogendra Yadav, Sadanand Dhume and more. Raghav Bahl is the only exception I can find.

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Every single MP from the treasury benches who rises to speak in support of the , is talking about the condition of minorities in .
भाजपा का एक ही सपना, पाकिस्तान जैसा बने भारत अपना


Today HM said that Congress is responsible for partition on the basis of religion. I want to make it clear that the foundation for two nation theory was laid by Savarkar in 1935 in a Hindu Mahasabha session, & not the Congress Party:


It includes the full list of scientists & scholars opposing the bill. via

Right wing is about generating hate against minorities by creating imaginary grievances of majority. Only low IQ get attracted to this crap.

@Dasbolshevik when they gave tax cuts to corporate, many bhakts were happy because they were getting messages in WhatsApp that income tax will also go down. I am sure there will be some message like that again and bhakts will be happy. They have like -ve iq.

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