It is the fate of the Congress to be blamed of appeasement by both Hindus and Muslims. Both see Congress as being partial to the other community.
I repeat, for the nth time, Cong has made mistakes.
Yet, it is the impressive, and cunning, propaganda of the RSS/BJP that has managed to blow every Cong mistake way out of proportion, and firmly imprint Cong as a huge NO-NO in the minds of Indian youth.
Ironic, given the magnitude of BJP blunders in a much shorter timeframe.

@SabinaBasha Exactly! You can imagine how successful BJP's brainwashing agenda has been, that so many think Cong has been doing Muslim appeasement. This, when Muslims have been languishing for decades.


@raja_sw @SabinaBasha i agree. Rajiv Gandhi did the biggest crime of Subverting and overturning ShahBano verdict (A true, just and secular verdict) for appeasement of Few Maulanas conflating them for Entire community. From there INC couldn't came back despite helping with (Both actively, Passively and Inadvertently)

@DrNikhil_P_B @raja_sw People really need to stop using the words appeasement for Muslims, people believe it the more you keep on. Use the right word which is the opposite of appeasement.

@SabinaBasha @raja_sw this is safe place. I'm not generalising. Which other word should be used then?

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