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Die Eisdiele hat mich immer noch in der Halle of Fame. Seit 2013 hat ihnen wohl niemand den Text übersetzt...

I'm in the progress of moving over to chaos.social. Please follow @Drops@chaos.social. I will follow back.

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Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar.

You can't tell me that's just coincidence.

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"My wife asked me why I carry a gun around the house. I said: fear of the CIA. She laughed, I laughed, the Amazon Echo laughed, I shot the echo."

- Someone on the Internet.

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Instagram: My life is a party.

Snapchat: My life is a quirky TV show.

Facebook: My life turned out great!

Twitter: We're all going to die.

Mastodon: Don't worry, while we are on a quirky, meandering path towards an inevitable apocalypse, we might as well enjoy the ride and show eachother some love in an unorthodox, yet irresistible manner, not in any way hindered by considerations of style, identity or consistency.

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@DrOps for anyone smugly leaning back, saying to themselves "Ha! I make regular backups!"

I ask, when did you last recover any data from them?

Maybe that is a good once-a-year goal too.

People who know me from birdsite will know my traditional reminder:

It is Friday 13th, so it is the best day for starting to have a backup routine.

If you only do a backup on every Friday 13th it will save at least half of your ass.

If you suspect your IoT device to be insecure, just copy any random Java update to it. Most likely it won't help anything, but hey, Oracle runs a complete business model based on that.

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They say every Jedi builds their own lightsaber

So do Jedi have a shed full of old amateur lightsaber builds that cause RSI problems or intermittently sputter and die?

And is every Jedi perennially unhappy with some feature of their lightsaber, distracted from fighting Sith by ideas for how to improve the design, as soon as they save enough to order more parts?

Wait do Jedis do group-buys of lightsaber kits to take advantage of volume discounts? That shit must be expensive in small quantities

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Quick note for new Mastodonians:

If you try to follow someone and get an hourglass, it means they have to approve your follows.

It is not a reflection on you if this doesn't happen immediately. Notifications about this aren't in the same window as the usual "someone followed you" default notifications.

It's not like Twitter's thing. It's Masto's own thing, and some of us are a bit more security-conscious than others, and some of us are slow to review our follow requests.


#newbie #advice

Emacs' org-mode is perfect for exploring and documenting any huge unknown code base. Class dependencies, menu trees, call chains, etc.

I used to blog via a static site generator, which works really pretty, but needs a lot of ruby on my computer and on the server.

As i write the posts in org-mode anyway, i will give org-page a try.

That way my generates the site itself without an external tool.

Die Entwicklung, dass fremde Unternehmen mehr über uns wissen, als wir selbst finde ich ziemlich googelig.

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"hey, now. why the long face?"
"because longer passwords are more secure"

The Moment you feel old, while entering a CD-Track in your music-collection:
Title: Long Version
Album: Progressive Muscle Relaxation

My best buy lately was that insulated bottle to carry cooled water with me at all times.

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Quick! Without looking anywhere else, name one song by Survivor that isn’t Eye of the Tiger!!

I think I will name my scooter "Rosinante". Because of all the windmills I can see in it's rear view mirror.

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