Just learned this:

mkdir -p new-project/{src,doc,tst}

tree new-project

├── doc
├── src
└── tst

@DrOps HOWTO make a tiniest project skeleton: `mkdir -p new-project && cd new-project && echo '{name: "new-project", version: "0.0.0"}' > package.json`

@zyabin101 I made it a little bit more tiny:
mkdir -p new-project && cd $_ && echo '{name: "'$_'", version: "0.0.0"}' > package.json

@zyabin101 $_ means most recent parameter, so it is always the name used in the mkdir


`mkdir $1 && cd $_ && echo '{name: "'$_'", version: "0.0.0"}' > package.json`

I should put this up on GitHub and call it `smolproject`

For all kind of projects that need some kind of scaffolding, I prefer "cookiecutter"


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