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I was curious about the details of FIDO2/U2F authentication and attestation with hardware tokens / security keys in both the browser's WebAuthn as well as ssh, so I spent the day working through the protocols and validating each step with openssl: trmm.net/U2F/

Got introduced to Toshifumi Hinata by YouTube and I’ve been really liking a lot of his albums. Favorite composition is: youtu.be/MJenceQ9IEw

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Want to support mobile open hardware that is repairable, accessible (with braille keyboard), secure & truly hackable? Help crowdfund Precursor (at 99% already!), a Mobile, Open Hardware, RISC-V System-on-Chip (SoC) Development Kit. -> crowdsupply.com/sutajio-kosagi
And while you're at it, check out the related Betrusted-device for dedicated end-to-end-encryption, even when you don't trust your phone or internet connection) -> betrusted.io/

One final day of work and one final general members meeting of the hackerspace and i'm ready to sleep for 3 weeks. This year is exhausting.

OCCRP published a tender to help shape our new web publishing platform. Do you want to work with open source technologies and contribute to combating kleptocracy around the world, than this is your opportunity. Seize it! occrp.org/en/occrp-jobs/full-s

Hey why do I see even small projects have over a 100 dependencies it needs to compile? Does rust/cargo suffer from the same problem as npm?

Found some nice trinidad scorpion peppers in a local supermarket. Enjoying them a lot :-)

11 more days of work and then i'm on a 3 week holiday and frankly, I can't wait. Done with this year.

Has anyone experimented with the Nextcloud E2E? Is it less brittle than early in the year? Is it actually client-side encrypted? The journalists I help would thank you a lot :)

Somehow the latest Firefox made CPU video rendering even slower when run in Qubes without video acceleration. Thinking I should switch to Debian and use KVM instead at this point :-/

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