The more support I do for people who aren’t as geeky with computers as I am, the more I realize that nobody is designing for the user :-/

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OCCRP's Chief of Information Security is at #RightsCon this week. Let us know if you're there too!

Check out the program for the event here:

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Help OCCII aan een nieuw geluid
100% met nog 30 dagen te gaan?! Crowdfund We waren verrukt om te zien dat we binnen nauwelijks 10 dagen door donaties van meer dan 250 mensen al het volledige bedrag van 10.000 euro binnen hebben, onze nieuwe versterker is 100% gefinancierd! Dit overtrof onze stoutste dromen en ontzettend veel dank aan iedereen die al…[...]
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So after almost a year of working remote.. it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. As an introvert, I noticed that I have a lot more energy for interactions with friends after work or in the weekends. It’s a huge difference and I didn’t notice the office can make me so miserable sometimes. Even if the people are nice in it!!!!

Yo, anyone ever gets notifications like this on their iPhone? It’s weird. I also just got one from iMessage. Which I promptly disabled.

Wishing I could opt-out of algorithms...

Nice, my neighbors are casually drilling at 01:42 in the morning.

Live from Amsterdam. It’s a tropical storm with an eye that is moving. . In case I don’t survive love ya all. Xoxo.

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There’s a massive train strike on Tuesday and I’m loving it 😍😍😍

What mobile phone should I buy? That’s reasonably priced and maybe not android?

Wordpress is still a beast. Migrating Wordpress websites seem to be a skill in itself. Can’t believe it’s this hard. Fml

Someone keeps prodding me about helping out for their hacker sociology study, except, I don’t really have the time for it. I thought I kindly made that clear but they keep prodding me. Not so kind reply is next 🧐

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