I'm attempting to write an application on Windows using Rust through Visual Studio Code. But whenever I try to write Rust with the rls package, Windows Defender scans the rls program everytime it loads and it produces a huge slowdown. It's as if you're writing code in a dream, that slow. Anyone else experienced this?

I smuggled a full water bottle left in my carry-on bag through security LOL

Returning home, my new home is Lisbon, Portugal. Passed a very empty schiphol on the way. Hope to see everyone in amsterdam in a past-rona life. Stay safe and keep making trouble.

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The Tor Project is hiring for two positions: a Systems Administrator and a Browser Developer. Share these opportunities with your networks:

Disassembled some desks and some cabinets, the bedroom is almost done! The kitchen has mostly all stuff stripped away, now what's left are some books here and there as some other small technical stuff. Will fix most of that this week, happy when a moving out plan is coming together :D

Why do I have 2 harddisks that are Windows and absolutely nothing on them? :-D

Both my parents got their first shot of AstraZeneca. No complaints and both are doing fine! Get a jab if you can. Having had Covid-19 in February of 2020. I can tell you from experience. It wasn’t fun and I still have lung issues. Get a jab!!

Something I didn’t quite calculate in.. wiping of old harddisks.. so I’m having a wiping party tonight. Yay!

I don’t recommend moving and the stress that comes with it. But so far, things have been smooth! Donated clothes and other textiles, put some stuff online that people come to pickup for free. Sold my studio speakers :(((. But it feels therapeutic to get rid of stuff. That, I do recommend :-)

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I wrote on elliptic curves, and how to sustainable integrate the verified fiat software into and hannes.robur.coop/Posts/EC -- feedback welcome. Can't wait to finally write a suckless CA software as a unikernel :D

As um preparing to move to Portugal, I just donated 6 bags of clothes and other textiles. Feels good to give good clothing to people in need of clothing. 🥰🥰

Things I would only do in an worldwide pandemic, make an irssi config. I postponed this so long, but now i'm really happy with it, it also makes updating a lot easier as I just have to /quit and restart irssi in a tmux! :)

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"Did your data get breached by Facebook in its vast, ghastly, 500,000,000 person valdez? The lovely folks at Digital Rights Ireland are suing Facebook under the GDPR for money damages and they'd like to sign you up to be part of the lawsuit."

The funny part of moving is worrying whether customs will ask you anything about traveling with 20 mobile phones. Yes, this is dog.

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WOW — France is offering car owners the chance to trade aging vehicles for €2500 euro ($2975) toward the purchase of an electric bike.

“For the first time, it’s recognized that the solution is not to make cars greener, but simply to reduce their number.” reuters.com/article/us-climate

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Living together is seeing each other’s recommendations. My partner now sees the same david lynch memes I see on twitter. Lol.

Hi from the little geese and a 🦚 in the local park

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