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BalcCon bar;

- 200 dinar for a bottle of water
- 260 dinar for two beers


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We owe you a thank you. We asked for help creating the first fund, and contributions came in from all over the world to help us keep Tor, and the many tools that rely on Tor, strong and safe.

Together we raised $86,081 👾💥

Thank you.

So sad to hear Daniel Johnston passed away. Loved his music.

What’s up Mastodon. What’s the latest?

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RT @ThomasViehmann@twitter.com
Next Friday, I'll be presenting LibreOffice Translate at @LibOCon@twitter.com.
Built with & @PyTorch@twitter.com it provides single-click offline machine translation preserving text format.
It has been great doing this as a @prototypefund@twitter.com project over the last months.

TFW you hear from multiple people that $person was not the ally they portrayed themselves as :-/

I treated my friends to some nice home made apple crumble. We have this group of people that eat together, do potlucks or bring nice baked goods to an office. What I’m saying is, treat your friends or coworkers to freshly baked goods :) yes yes, I’ll make @rysiek some stuff when he visits ;)

Current status: acquired Soviet maps of my hometown

Talkin shit about a pretty sunset
Blanketing opinions that I’ll probably regret soon.
Changed my mind so much I can’t even trust it
My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself

- Isaac Brock

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Anyone can transport a big tent from hamburg to #cccamp2019 ? APV village (anarchist village people) are having some difficulties getting their tent there on time.

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Enjoy following Privacy International's work or using our tools such as the app analysis environment 📱? Support our work by donating now! support.privacyinternational.o

Our independence means we never accept funds from industry and governments. Your support enables us to keep fighting for #privacy, #dignity and #freedom

Bye BornHack! You’ve been absolutely wonderful again ✔️😘

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gibt es zufaellig hier wen, der donnerstag oder freitag von berlin nach mildenberg mit einem auto faehrt und platz fuer meine espressomaschine (+equipment) hat?

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Best hack I heard of so far was a kid who had only access to play games on his phone for 3 hours a day and he found a bypass for the parental control. Nice :)

Intense rain today during Bornhack, o don’t think this video does it any justice.

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